Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Life: The Neighborhood (aka The Good, The Bad & The Ugly) 2 of 4

I must admit that I was taken aback that night at Melvin and Jessie's when I met some of the "neighbors."  They were all telling Yankee jokes, all very friendly.  I remember one of their best friends introduced himself to me as Woody Guthrie.  And sometimes, I must admit, I'm a little naive (LOL!).  I thought he was the real Woody Guthrie.  He played the guitar and everything!!!  What a fun fellow he is!  He recently told me that he had three PHDs.  Nodding my head and obviously impressed, I said, "Oh. For what?"  He responded, "for digging, JP.  Everybody needs more than one post hole digger!"  Now you know what I'm up against...:)

Since I hardly no where to begin between all of them, let's simply start with Emerson.  First of all, don't you just love that name?  I do.  And, I might add, it suits him.  He reminds me of  a typical "cowboy" although he doesn't own any horses and heaven only knows if he's ever shoveled manure in his life!!  But you know, a big, tall fellow with a deep voice, dark hair, well-tanned in the summer. 

He was wearing a black leather vest, jeans and boots and when he walked into their house.  I saw him place his cowboy hat on the hat rack ever so gently, like a true gentleman would do.  A very handsome man and ever so polite.  However, that night, they all warned me to watch out and move over if I'm on the gravel road when Emerson comes through!!  They told me how he's run off the road several times!! He drives fast and in the middle of the road and when your road is as narrow as ours is, the edge is really close...especially when crossing the mountain along the ridge.  The drop is close to 500 feet! 

  I will admit, after meeting him a few times, he now moves over for me!  Of course, I had to holler at him for that for that to happen!  I really did...shook my finger at him and everything!!  LOL!  He's a great guy though and now I just hug him to pieces.  He's been a real friend and even stops over for an occasional "brewski."   This spring I'm giving him a bunch of perennials to plant along his driveway.  So, if you're keeping score, mark him as "THE GOOD."

Then there's Howard and Margaret.  Howard had long retired from an airline and Margaret still continues to work part-time at one of the local hospitals.  She's a lot of fun and enjoys her gardening as much as I do.  I've given her several perennials for her garden.  And, interestingly enough, Howard used to have a little nursery at his place years ago, so I can always go to him for advice on shrubs.  Although, now that he's getting older, some say he seems a to be a bit grouchy.  To me, he's always, smiling and receptive.  One time when I was walking the road, I saw Howard down near his mailbox.  He offered to give me a lift home.  I told him that I'd rather walk and boy, am I glad I told him that!

  Out of his next breath came, " well, I guess I'll have to look for the snake on my own."  "Snake?", I said.  "Yep", he said, "it crawled up under the dash board and I can't find it."  So I said, "Did you really think that I would get into a car where
a snake hiding?  No thanks...I'll walk."
Snake or no snake, they, too, are "THE GOOD."

to be continued...


gld said...

Interesting about your neighbors. I will be following closely.

Our neighborhood is not known for neighborliness. All good people, but no visiting back and forth much. No one loans tools or equipment....None do ornamental gardening and most are older then we are! Hard to believe, I know.

Beverly@Beverly's Back Porch said...

Your neighbors sound like mine. There is just something special about country folks.

Tiggeriffic said...

Good post today,,,,BUT you have to promise that tomorrow you will continue..with the story.. No making us wait for the next part..
Snakes in your country bite and make you sick.. I wouldn't of gotten in the car either,,but I would carry a big stick with me when walking.
My dad's name was Emerson...Emerson Ashbaugh.. His middle name was after my grandmothers maiden name.. If Ben would of been a girl ~Tracie was going to name her Emerson...I like it~!
Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Uh oh. 2 out of 4 done and both good. That must logically mean that I either fall under the bad or the ugly. Yikes!! ;-)

TexWisGirl said...

Ha ha! Loved varunner's comment! :) If all of these so far have been good, I can't wait to hear the next ones!

Nancy C said...

Love hearing about your neighbors! Such a collection of great, interesting folk.

Angela said...

Sounds like you have some very interesting neighbors JP! Glad that so far they are the good ones!

Have a Great Day!


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