Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Life & Times: Lady Kiera Von Pooh (5)

It was now Fall and Kiera was already going on nine.  Each day, when we played in the yard, my next door neighbors would see and hear us.  One day Tonya, a Child Psychologist and a great lady, had company.  It was a colleague of hers who had brought her Black Standard Poodle over to visit Tonya's dog, Lucas, an awesome German Shepherd.  Lucas was imported from Germany and was simply magnificent!! 

While I was out in the yard, working, Lucas just watched as always, tail wagging but the Standard Poodle kept barking from their yard.  As I walked down toward the shed, Jessie, the Black Standard Poodle, barking aggressively, suddenly charged through the woods, crossing into our yard and was heading towards me.  Once again, it all happened so fast!  Kiera came flying at full speed toward Jessie who was now focusing on her with teeth barred.

This was the first time in my life that I was around a dog fight!  It was horrible.  I screamed, "NO" and immediately yelled "Tonya, Tonya come get Jessie!  He's attacking Kiera!"  Jessie lunged towards Kiera's chest with open jowls.  Kiera quickly whirled around, so when Jessie clenched, she nicked the right side of Kiera's chest.  Then Kiera's head twisted under and grabbed Jessie under the throat!   OMG!  It was just insane and I can remember every agonizing moment to this day.

Tonya came flying out of the house, through the woods.  Once she was close enough, I moved in closer too.  She then grabbed Jessie's tail in one hand and her muzzle in the other, forming a "C" with her body.  I had a tight grip on the top of Kiera's muzzle with one hand and had gotten a hold of her collar with the other. 

Tonya and I stood almost motionless, holding the dogs.  We were trembling.  Jessie's owner had come out of the house and stood back in the woods...just watching.  It was a traumatic experience for all of us and especially for the dogs.  Oh, the Vet said the puncture wound was minimal and would heal.  And it did. 

You know, sometimes, they say that trauma can induce illness in a dog.  It was later that Winter that Kiera got sick.  I often wondered, since all the Vets could never determine the cause of her illness, if that, in fact, was the underlying cause...a fight to protect her master!

GSP are an intelligent, loyal family watch dog as well as being even-tempered, very athletic and extremely agile.  That day, I saw all those attributes in Lady Kiera Von Pooh.  The following February, before I relocated to Virginia, I had to have Kiera put down.  We never knew "why" she was sick.


  1. What an experience for you and the dogs!

    I think we have only had one dog we had to have put down....he was hit by a neighbor's car.

  2. I wonder why that poodle was coming after you? I didn't know they were that aggressive! Wow! Good thing you had your Kiera protect you. I was raised with a German Shepherd dog who was a year older than I and she was my sister, playmate, and guardian...I always treated her with respect. My Opa trained her and she was the smartest dog I've yet to meet. She was full blooded and pedigreed - but tragically she had to be put down because of the Hip Dysplasia when she was about 12. I was heartbroken... we all were! She was an important member of the family!

  3. No more sad stories..that was so sad but so true.. Dogs I think are almost human.. Poor thing...good story...
    have a great day..I think after all that I'm going to go take a nap..
    ta ta for now from Iowa

  4. I think that trauma can induce illness in people too. sandie

  5. I guess it all could have been prevented if the owner of the poodle believed in leashes or fences. Never good to let a dog out by itself if there is a chance another dog might be in the vicinity. So sorry this happened and you lost your dear friend as a result. :(


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