Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Life & Times: Lady Kiera Von Pooh (4)

There are so many adventures that Kiera and I shared, I could go on forever.  We vacationed with my best friends and their GSPs in New Hampshire.

We took a "road trip" from Connecticut to Tennessee.  Ironically, we stopped at Hungry Mother State Park in Virginia on the way down because I truly was a "hungry mother" as we approached the exit sign!  Staying in a log cabin located in the Great Smokey Mountains and hiking each day was THE BEST!  We even happened to stop in Roanoke on the drive home to Connecticut, taking in the Farmer's Market. 

We walked so many, many miles together both for pleasure and in so many fund raisers for March of Dimes (raising quite a nice chunk of change, I might add) and other walk-a-thons that my boss at the time gave us the coveted "Golden Sneaker Award"!!  In fact, in doing the Math, I estimated we covered in excess of 12, 000 miles over our years together!

In addition, we had our picture in the Waterbury-Republican newspaper for a contest we entered.  We wrote articles that were published in the Cheshire Herald as a result of a demonstration we participated in to promote the use of waste removal along the 10 mile trail we walked every weekend.   

Then there was the time she got a 4 inch nail through her leg and paw.  She had landed on it while playing Frisbee one winter.  Apparently, it was lying on the ground in front of the shed.  Then, there was the time that she was so startled by the thunder and lightning, that she went through her Invisible fence.  I was told that a Shorthair can travel ten miles a day and for every day that she was missing, to increase the radius by another ten miles.  She was gone four days.  But we found her.  Limping badly, yet with no visible signs of injuries, my Vet said that the hot pavement had burned the pads of her paws leaving them raw.  Oh, and then there was the time, she opened the kitchen cabinet and ate several blocks of baking chocolate!!  Then there was the time I herniated a disc and she laid at my side for 13 weeks!

to be continued...


  1. You sure sound like a matched pair!

    I am enjoying these stories even though I am not truly a pet person.

  2. There is just nothing like having a precious pet. I would do anything for mine, and do. They had bacon and cheese omelets for breakfast this morning. Spoiled!

  3. This dog must of been a cat.. He had 9 lives.
    In the past I have had dogs and they bring back so many fond memores..
    Have a tiggeriffic day~!~! ta ta for now from Iowa

  4. There is nothing better than a sweet and loyal dog by your side - no matter what you're doing...

  5. Kiera sounds like she was the bestest dog ever!

    Have a Great Day!

  6. a special dog...a very good companion...

  7. Oh I can so relate to how wonderful Kiera was. Once you’ve loved a dog or pet--you can never go back.

  8. They do get into some mischief and cause us more gray hair. But they are soooooo worth it. :)

  9. a truly wonderful story. except maybe i know what happened when she ate the chocolate. been there done that and jake ate a whole 4 pound avacado once and the same results. hurt me to think of her missing that long


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