Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let Me Be Me

When Moon wandered into our yard, I knew that she was a "survivor."  She had to be in order to have made it for as long as she did living off the land.  She acts like a dog.  I mean her natural instincts tell her to protect, to hunt and sometimes to kill.  Remember I told you how Copper had so many homes moving from place to place until we found him?  He needs people to survive.  He needs to be fed.  He needs humans to care for him.  He lives to play, please and be praised.

With Moon, on the other hand, it's innate...it's instinct.  And, she's good at it.  Of course, being Shepherd Husky just makes her work even more.  It's in her breed.  She likes to be free.  She is always alert, ears moving in all directions whether we are walking or just chillin' in the yard.  Most of all, she does love to hunt.  Here's a few shots of her "working."

   So, when Mother Nature delivered our snow in December, we went outside.  It was just about dusk which is one of her favorite times to listen for mice and moles buried beneath the earth's surface insulated by a fresh blanket of snow.

She stops and turns, thinking, "Mom, stay back.  How can I catch anything if you're making so much noise?"

"Told you, I'd get it if you were quiet!

Gosh, I'm good at this!  And I do LOVE IT SO!

Thanks, Mom...just for letting me be ME...A DOG!"


"The loving, innocent world of animals serves as a good example for me.  The more you stop to observe animals and learn from them, the healthier and more peaceful your life will be."

Head over to Angela's @ W V Treasures    for her Tuesday Show & Tail...it's not too late...:)


gld said...

I like your mellow attitude toward the dogs. I need to try to develop that more with our dog.

He is part retriever and we have had ongoing issues with the chickens....he recently got inside the chicken yard two days in a row and we are now minus two chickens. We have scolded him so many times; but if he gets the opportunity, he does it again if we aren't outside.

TexWisGirl said...

My 2 Catahoulas (Thelma and Louise) that we rescued off the back road after they were dumped and starving have that same instinct. Natural born killers. Will gladly hunt any critter. I guess once you HAVE to do it, you continue to do it. :)

Moon is just beautiful. Wonderful color and coat!

carol l mckenna said...

I had a siberian husky for about 13 years ~ she was a wonderful pet ~ loved her ~ now have a little yorkie and she is delightful also ~ Wow ~ Did you know anyone when you moved to VA? My son lives in Moyock NC ~ near VA border ~ He just moved there ~ Am sometimes tired of the winters here ~ but to start all over making friends and so on ~ not sure I want to do that ~ Any advice?

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Love the pic of Moon in the snow. She does look so feral!

Doris Sturm said...

That is wonderful that you can be a part of Moon's life and watch over here, even though she is an independent spirit. I had a German Shepherd growing up in Germany and we lived out in the country away from civilization with no phone, no car - just alone and isolated and she was our guardian. She ran that property with a watchful eye, taking care of grandma and me when everyone was gone off to work. I had tremendous respect for her. She wasn't even a pet, she was my sister, my babysitter, my friend, my protector... a very busy watchdog! Sounds like Moon is just like that!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay I just want to say - if we treated others as good as we treat our dogs and vice versa the world would be a better place. sandie

Nancy C said...

Beautiful dog, JP. I've had a husky and I now have to German Shepherds, so I know what great breeds they are. I would love to see Moon in a video jumping like a fox or coyote on the snow, try to get at that mouse... So cute! :)

Angela said...

Moon is a beautiful girl JP! I love it that you give her time to just be her which is a dog. My dogs love living on our farm and running free. My old gal sometimes just wants to sleep on the front porch. I let her except when the temperature is 30 or below.

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Inger said...

J.P., you are such a wonderful writer. I could see Moon asking you to step back so she could hunt. A great post about a great dog.-Inger

The Boston Lady said...

Beautiful Moon I enjoy seeing the pictures of you hunting in the snow. You are a gorgeous girl. Ann

Sandra said...

wonderful story and Moon is beautiful. our Jake is a boxer/pit mix and loves to hunt. some people get upset that he hunts rats and lizards and toads that make his sick. anything that moves in the yard is fair game. he lived on the streets the first 5 months of his life and if he had not been a hunter would have starved to death. we have a hound that should like to hunt but she is a scardey cat and is terrified of hissing lizards.


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