Friday, January 14, 2011

In Search of Ella

The last time we saw her, she was in her small sailboat heading towards the islands off  Southeast Asia.   What we didn't know was that she had encountered a horrific storm while at sea, had capsized and had to swim to shore.  It was there that she grasped the sand, soft as sugar, in her battered, weak hands as she tried to crawl just one more step.  She was exhausted.

She had taken cover among the palm trees realizing that her pale skin had already blistered from the hot sun.  She wished she had some oil to protect her virgin white skin.  Her eyes were weak from the sun too, and she anxiously awaited dusk which would enable her to skim  the horizon in search of vessels.  She was hungry and needed nourishment.

There, on the ground, lay some coconuts.  'Heaven only knows how long they've been there," she thought.  But she didn't care.  She would be able to extract the milk from them using the sharp object she had found on the beach.  And, although the consistency seemed a lot like whey, she drank it greedily.  After drinking the coconut milk, the taste it left brought thoughts of almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts to the forefront of her mind, all before finally drifting off to sleep.

When she awoke early the next morning, butterflies were in abundance and they danced through the air.  She knew that they were most active first thing in the morning and she took the time to enjoy them.   Occasionally one would land on her arm or leg to extract the minerals from her body.  This was her daily entertainment.
She never felt alone when with the butterflies.  Somehow, they gave her comfort, made her feel free and almost rejuvenated her, filling her with the pleasures of home.

However, after five days, she was reduced to almost nothing.  She once again tipped her head back in the tropical breeze catching the waft of cocoa. "It's here somewhere.  I just have to find it," she thought.  As she made her way through the trees, she spotted the cocoa beans.  They were plentiful and would nourish her aching belly.  Perhaps she could let them soak in the coconut milk.  Perhaps they would serve as an emulsifier, giving her additional nutrition.

As she wandered further and further each day, she eyed a leguminous plant that she thought she recognized.  "Is that soy?" she muttered.  "It can't be."  But it was.  She wondered if consuming it raw would harm her.  She didn't care and ate it anyway. Having never been to this part of the world, her discoveries created an excitement in her making each breath she drew more and more precious and sustainable.

Then, passing by the vanilla, a tropical orchid, she could almost taste the flavor of it's bean.  She reminisced about baking in her kitchen and using vanillin rather than the real thing.  Now that she was feeling stronger after consuming the beans and more coconut milk, she spied some eggs in a nest tucked neatly under a fallen tree.  Being a recent college graduate and having a roommate that was vegan helped.  She knew the egg yolks were a good source of lecithin and they, too, would be good for her.  Gagging as she swallowed the slimy raw eggs, she once again tried to envision something tasty and pleasurable.

Now it was time.  It was time to make another attempt to climb the mountain.  As she climbed the rough terrain and neared the top, she saw a small weathered structure surrounded by beams and posts tied together with vines like those she had seen in the forest. "There was nothing artificial about this place.  This was real!" she thought.  She would be alright after all.  It was the mission she had heard about before embarking on her journey.  She would be home soon.  She no longer would have to dream with the butterflies.


Red Writing Hood

What's in your pantry?

No. Really. What's in there?

For this week's prompt, grab something out of your pantry and write a short piece - using all the words in the ingredients. It can be fiction or non-fiction, poetry or prose.

The product I selected from my pantry
 was Nutella.  The ingredients are shown here consisting of nineteen words.

P.S.  Although this adventure was all "NU" "T" "ELLA", she would not want to go back to the island again! I just couldn't pass that up!!


  1. This is my 8 yr old's fav thing to spread on her toast.
    I will never look at it in the same way again :)

  2. Eeewww on the raw eggs. No matter how hungry, I don't think I could go there. I'd much rather have Nutella! :-)

  3. This is so clever-I love the way you split up the ingredients to tell your story (like palm oil.)
    I am so impressed that your jar is full too-I love Nutella and once I take the lid off it's gone!

  4. Ok this was SOOO clever! I love how you broke up some of the ingredients into their separate words, but still maintained the rules of the prompt! And the island sounds lovely :)

    Well done!

  5. I'd like to go to that island for a couple days.. The quiet beauty and seeing all those butterflies... would be magnificent~!
    When I was in Florida with my brother, we stopped at a place called Butterfly World.. We went in and sat on a bench and the butterfles were so thick we could just sit quietly and they would land on us.. They also had lots of ALL different kinds of hummingbirds. It would be almost like being on your island.. Only there was a place near by, you could go and get something to eat.. You live in a magical world.. I love it~! ta ta for now from Iowa

  6. UGH! You are too funny. BTW, I meant to tell you that if creativity could have drawn the comment for my bird drawing giveaway, you'd have won for sure! Loved your clever little poem!

  7. I wouldn't mind a few days on that island drinking coconut milk. SOunds peaceful compared to my days here. Great story!

  8. Fantastic job! I didn't think to split the words up - brilliant! Love the Nu T Ella, too! Great post!

  9. I have never had nutella. Do you believe that? But with a nut allergy in our house I can never buy it. I don't want to think about all the yumminess I'm missing!

  10. You are an excellent writer that no matter what you grab, a wonderful story will ensue (is that the word?). I wonder, would I dare to do this? I think I must. Maybe I will let you know what happens.....Inger

  11. That was very clever. And I have never had Nutella...

    Visiting from Red Dress Club

  12. Very clever.

    I have never seen nor tasted Nutella. Now you have me curious.

  13. I have enough food addictions -- I cannot go down this road. :)

  14. Those were some hard words to use in a post. I love that you used Ella from the nutella!Very clever!

  15. I love how you created an entire world strictly from the ingredients. Well done! And I used to love me some nutella!

  16. I'm gonna' have to get here earlier next time, before all the good words are taken: fun, clever, funny, creative . . .

  17. I discovered Nutella this year. How did I live without it?

    Very clever take on the prompt. You capture that island paradise/hell so very well. I do home she finds her way home.


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