Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Find What?

This past weekend was in the 40's here in the Hollow and you know I was outdoors as much as possible!  However, last week, when we had some snow, we (the dogs & I) had an adventure!  As you can see, we they went exploring.  And guess WHAT we were looking for?

Yep, you guessed it Copper's Kong!  It's been MIA for a few days, so I thought we should send out the search party!!

However, while searching for Kong, Copper found....a STICK!!

Now, like all good fetch dogs, he had to modify it, so it sits just right in his mouth.

Then, we played.  I threw it and threw it...over and over again and then...OOPS!...it landed up in a tree.

Can you see it up there stuck in the Crepe Myrtle Tree? 

So, my handsome man, said, "Mom, I need your help!"
Feeling a little guilty, I went over to the fence and leaned over so I could reach the bigger branches so I could give it a good shake.

I began to shake the tree.  Not only did the stick move, all the snow from the tree fell on top of me!!!!  What a dunderhead!

Then, when the stick landed on the ground, Moon darted in from nowhere, grabbed it and was gone in an instant, deciding that it was her turn! 

So, while she chewed and chewed to modify it just a little bit more to her liking, I got Copper side tracked and decided that we seriously needed to find his Kong before his withdrawal symptoms set in!!

I looked around the yard, and there he was...up by the barn, peering into the trailer.

"Oh, Mom...I remember where I left it!  I left in in the trailer!  There it is...I see it!'

Just one more adventure in paradise.....:)

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall
We are here to simply enjoy it all!


  1. A dog without his kong is like a man without his beer. Hee hee.
    Are you doing Red Dress this week? Dialogue KILLS me. Whew boy do I suck at dialogue. I'm going to try it though.

  2. Love it! The simple joys we experience when with our pups. They fill my heart.

  3. I'd like to see a picture of that Kong..Glad you found it and good to hear you enjoyed your shower with the snow from the tree>>>ha ha..
    Nothing like a cool snow shower ~!
    Have lots of snow here and ice.. THe roads are partially clear this morning. no electric last night..candles came out.
    Have a tiggeriffic day..ta ta for now from Iowa...

  4. What a good mom are you - getting dumped with snow and all. So do you put any food in his kong? sandie

  5. Oh Copper I'm so glad you got your kong back! Surely your mom feels it was worth being dumped on to get it back to you. I always look forward to your posts as you tell a story so well. Ann

  6. Awww, it's so funny to me that we buy all of these toys for our babies and when it's all said and done, they go for the stick. ;)

  7. Dogs are with their toys just like kids, aren't they? Nice story! I'm glad it all turned out well in the end, plus you got a little snow shower to experience the fullness of winter ;-)

    Enjoy your dogs - I can't imagine life without them, if even just one!

  8. i really enjoyed your adventure, thanks for sharing. i have the same type adventures with my two, but no snow involved. mine rather play with a stick than any toy. sometimes when i throw the tennis ball it gets stuck in the tree and i have to shake it, but only leaves fall on my head. that made me laugh when i read it.

  9. Not a dunderhead--just a good mommy. It looks like they had a wonderful day. So glad you found Kong so they could both have their own little toys :) Fun, Amy

  10. JP your dogs are a real hoot aren't they! They really love going on those exploring trips don't they! You know I'm wondering now why my dogs don't play with toys. One is 11 and the other is 3. I guess they do chase a lot of squirrels during the day :)

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