Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Warmth

Our log home is heated by a Geo-Thermal Heat Pump.  It is very energy efficient.  However, when we moved into the house 7 1/2 years ago, there was a wood burning stove as well as the old wood burning cook stove.  Both of those were vented to the chimney that is in the center of the kitchen/dining area.

A few years ago, when I came home from the Y, I got mad...really Joe.  He told me that he had gone up on the mountain with the ATV to cut and drag down some fallen trees.  One small, minor detail...when he was coming down the mountain side with the last trip, pulling a tree trunk about 12 feet long, the log began to roll!  Luckily, he was able to jump off the ATV just as the log was about to take the ATV down the mountain with it!  Scary???? 

So, I told him that first of all, he shouldn't be doing that kind of thing when I wasn't around.  Secondly, I told him that perhaps we should get rid of the wood burning stove and get a pellet stove now that we were getting older.  It would be easier to manage and from what we knew, they burned cleaner and were easier to control the temperature.  We did just that.

The pellets are stored in the black wooden box that Joe made.  Then I bought a grain scoop so you simply scoop them out into the hopper.  You shut the lid and hit the "on" button.  Then, you simply select your appropriate setting which range from 1 to 9.

And voila!....Winter warmth!


Nancy C said...

Lucky you! I don't think my husband will ever tire of hauling wood (up the hill with a tractor in our case). He grew up that way and refuses to even talk about other more convenient methods of heat. Oh well -- I'm happy for you! Looks so cozy and inviting!

TexWisGirl said...

Ooh neat! No muss, no fuss! And no log-rolling escapades! :)

Tiggeriffic said...

I have seen these stoves at farm shows and somedays I wish I had one for our house.Hubby says 'no'. I bought a lap size electric blanket and I can turn the dial from warm,warmer,hot. Now I can sit cozy in my living room and if I lay it on the couch ~ turn it on before I need it, my couch is warm just likes yours. The furnace is blowing $$$ up the chimney.
ta ta for now from Iowa..we are having a heat wave, the temperature is at 27 right now.. It was -4 yesterday morning.

Beverly@Beverly's Back Porch said...

What a great stove. I love it!

Chatty Crone said...

That is so interesting. Glad Joe was okay though. I have another friend who has one of these. sandie


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