Saturday, December 11, 2010

Connecticut: The Night-time Launch

I'm not quite sure what reminded me of this, but I thought you would get a charge out of it.  This happened before we relocated to Virginia.  I was, of course, still working at "the bank".  It was a Sunday night and, as usual, I "hit the sheets" early.  My husband was downstairs in the recliner in the family room watching television and Kiera, the "perfect dog," was sprawled out on the couch.  She always took my spot once I went up to bed!

I woke up and realized that I had to go to the bathroom.  I got up, walked toward the bathroom doorway and as I crossed into the bathroom, I felt a little dizzy.  I thought, "no big soon as I sit down I'll be fine."

WRONG!!!  Apparently, I sat down on the you know what (I hope this doesn't offend anyone) and the next thing I knew I was "coming to," realizing that I was lying on the bathroom floor!  I was FREEZING but yet I kept feeling sweat running down my forehead so I just kept wiping it back towards my hair.  My neck hurt really bad and the pain made me feel sick to my stomach.  I was afraid if I had to throw-up that I would choke.  I knew that I couldn't stay on my back.

Very slowly, I tried to roll over onto my side thinking that I would then be able to push myself up off the floor.  I called for Joe several times, but he couldn't hear me over the TV.  Apparently Kiera, the wonder dog, didn't hear me either!!!  My son was still at work at the grocery store.  So, I very slowly got onto my hands and knees and crawled across the doorway and across the bedroom to my side of the bed.  I was so cold that I couldn't stop shivering.  It was August for crying out loud...why was I so cold?  How could I be so cold...shivering, in fact, and still feel sweat running down my face as I crawled towards the bed?  Of course, I never turned on any lights because why would I?  I knew my way around our house in the dark.

                                                                       (to be continued)


Nancy C said...

You stinker... don't leave us hanging! Haha!

Looking forward to the next installment. :)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Well, that doesn't sound good.

TexWisGirl said...

Fine. Just like at the movies. Tease us and expect us to wait for opening day...

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

oh great!!!!! now I'm going to wonder what happened all are so it had to turn out alright cause you are still here..Bwahahahaha

Tiggeriffic said...

LOL you are so funny~! I have this attack once in my life and it was awful~! Glad you are better. I will look forward to tomorrow to see what happened..
have a great day~!~! ta ta for now from Iowa

Inger said...

What a story-teller you are!! Is this what's called a cliff-hanger?!--Inger

Unknown said...

Inger (aka Canyon Girl) always make me smile with your comments!...:)JP

Angela said...

You know I really thought you were going to say that when you woke up you found your dog trying to help you up or something! Can't wait to find out the rest of the story!

Merry Christmas!

Chatty Crone said...

You are bad - I thought it just happened and was getting really worried - you are a stinker!


laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said... must have stock in the local hospital...don't you??
at least we know you're ok...cause you're here to tell the story (and WHAT a story!!)...AND i cheated! yeah, i started from your most recent post and read backwards! MISTAKE!! cliffhanger solved!

but you sure have that knack...for keeping us on the edge of our seats!! :]


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