Sunday, December 12, 2010

Connecticut - My Life: The Night-Time Launch (cont)

I pulled myself up into the bed and got under the covers...all of them...still shivering.  I stayed there until I heard Joe coming down the hallway towards the room.  When he came into the bedroom, I said, "Joe, can you look at something for me?"  "What" he said.  I explained, "I got up to pee and hit my head and it really hurts.  Can you take a look at it?"

Thank God he was a fireman and trained in emergency procedures!  He turned on the light and as he came closer to the bed, I saw his eyes widen.  He then said, "I've got to get you to a hospital and quickly.  You have a hole in your head, right above your eyeball."  

What I thought was sweat, was really blood and sweat mixed together.  Yep.  Emergency Room via wheelchair once we got to the parking area because they were afraid I was too weak to walk, loosing all that blood.  I was still shivering so much even though I'd asked Joe to get me my favorite "snow coat" to help keep me warm.  He thought I might be going into shock from loosing all that red stuff.  Oh, the doctors cleaned me up, questioned me as to what happened and stitched my eye socket back together.  I was really lucky that I didn't loose my eye they said.  Actually they did a great can hardly notice the scar.  But let me tell you, my face...the whole left side of my face blew up like a balloon and turned all those pretty shades of black and blue and green and yellow and swollen?!?!  Oh, I sort of looked like one of those aliens with a mis-shapen head!  My split lip healed the quickest.  Thank goodness because it was really hard to talk!

What I did find so interesting was that, at the hospital, the orderly, the nurses and the doctor each "interviewed" me as to exactly what happened.  They'd ask Joe to leave the room and have me tell the story over and over again while I was shivering under those nice warm blankets.  You know the kind that they can put in the microwave.  Apparently they wanted to be sure that I wasn't a victim of spousal abuse.  At first I couldn't understand why they kept asking me to repeat the story again and again.  However, then I understood where they were going.  To tell you the truth, I am glad that they treated me with such diligence.
  Anyway, in my family, that adventure became known as "the night-time launch."
Oh...what caused it?  Something the good doctor referred to as "vertigo." No big deal.  It can be quite common in tall slender women. 


laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

wow...i'm actually the FIRST here!!
like i said in my last 'comment' your previous post...i knew beforehand you were OK...cause i read backwards!!

you were extremely lucky! they say the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house! all those HARD surfaces!! i'm glad to hear there's no lasting damage...BUT you have to be prepared for another vertigo cover all sharp or hard surfaces in your house...with uh...rubber mats?
((you sure know how to keep people in suspense!! take care...friend!)) :]

gld said...

What a freak thing to happen! Glad no real serious damage was done.

I have perpetual dizziness....worse at some times than others. So I am very careful where I step or how fast I bend over. I have pitched into flower beds before!

What did you hit that caused the damage. I would remove that item asap!

Keep warm.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I get episodes of vertigo too - no night time launches though!

Nancy C said...

Thank goodness your husband whisked you to the hospital. What a story!

TexWisGirl said...

OUCH!!! Wow, you must have went down hard onto porcelain. What a mess you must have been - like you said, thank goodness Joe had seen some of that stuff before! :)

Lisa E said...

A couple of years after my father died, my mother fell while trying to walk her dog on his leash. I guess he pulled too hard but he didn't leave her once she fell. Anyway, someone saw her in front of the garage (on cement) and got her to the hospital. You remember how far out we lived! We went to see her and she was badly bruised all over her left side but nothing was broken. The doctor came into the room and said out loud with my daughter and myself standing there, "This looks like spousal abuse to me." The three of us looked at each other and couldn't help but start laughing! A lot of really bad jokes came out of that. But I'm one of those people who never laughs when I see someone fall. Obviously, I'm so happy you're okay although I think some damage may have been done. When I look over to the right to see how many cookies you've made, I definitely question your sanity!!! ;-}

Angela said...

It's a good thing your husband was home to take you to the hospital! Who knows what would have happened if you didn't go at all.

Merry Christmas!

Inger said...

I'm glad you got to the hospital in time, that's a very scary story.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness what a story. Vertigo and you almost killed yourself. Whew quite an interesting story.

I didn't know that was the most dangerous room in the house.

Glad they took such good care of you in the hospital.



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