Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas @ Home (Part 2)

On Christmas Eve day, after the Pres got up, I suggested that he go to the local auto part store to see if he could get the spring for the truck's carburetor before they closed.  So after he ate breakfast, he went and was able to get some springs that seemed to do the trick!!  With the truck fixed, now he was going to drive me to my son's so I could visit for a few hours.  I couldn't wait.  I put Mia's gifts into the truck and we were on our way...:)

When we got to my son's and walked up the stairs to their living room, I said, "Mia, it's Nana."  She was being shy, hiding her face in my son's chest, just barely peeking out at me.  It wasn't until I grabbed her little feet and started kissing them that I saw that little grin come across her face.  I knew I was in. 

My son put her down and she and I began playing with her dollhouse.  She talks pretty clearly for a two year old and in complete sentences, I might add.  Joe was on the couch and while he and Jay chatted, Mia and I played.  When I told her that she could open some presents, the first one she picked was "that one, in the pink bag," as she pointed to the tissue wrapped package.  Annie...I hope you're out there somewhere on a computer and not in that 13 degree weather of yours!  Just look at how darling the hat fits!!!!

She left the hat on all the while as she continued to open her presents and even while we played and watched a "Frosty the Snowman" DVD together!

In this picture, she is putting Diego and Dora to bed.  She very tenderly covers them up and pats them on their back telling them,  "take a nap now...Nana is watching you."

Here we are enjoying "Frosty the Snowman,"as we drink our water.  She is holding her Teddy and a package of tissues.  Yep...tissues!   When I first arrived, I had taken out a package of tissues so I could wipe her little nose.  She clung to that package of tissues the whole time I was there!!!

When we left to return to Virginia, I cried.

There is a lesson here...
It's the thoughts & actions from the heart that really count!

P.S.  Today is my birthday and what better way to celebrate it...thinking about the ones you love...:)
Oh, and yes there is a Santa Claus!  I got what I wanted...some time with the "little one."


Nancy C said...

Happy Birthday JP!

What a special little girl your granddaughter is. Just adorable. And Annie's hat looks just perfect on her.

TexWisGirl said...

Annie has a gift. Not only can she crochet a wonderful hat for a little girl she has never met, but she can see into the future and color coordinate to her outfit - and yours!!! :) So precious!

Glad you were able to spend some loving time with your little granddaughter!

Sandra said...

happy birthday and she looks soooo cute in that hat. a wonderful gift to spend time with her. i always loved doll houses.

Chatty Crone said...

Well, two beautiful purple pink ladies - good to see you both! sandie

Verde Farm said...

She is an absolute angel. That little boggan is the cutest and a true girl she is loving pink. So glad you got to spend special time together. It’s what life is all about I think :)

Beverly@Beverly's Back Porch said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Lady!

Mia looks so sweet in her little hat. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Now we are all ready for a great 2011.

Tiggeriffic said...

Oh I see the hat~!~! How cute is that and it fits...What a cutie..~!~! Now I can stop worrying about whether the hat fit or not.. I was ready to make her a bigger one.
So glad you got to be with her at Christmas time..When my grandchildren lived far from me I bought a radio that had a microphone on it and I bought books and recorded me reading the books on a tape.. That way when I got to see them twice a year ~ they recognized my voice and me.. I would also make a small photo book of pictures of Dave and I.. It worked..
Happy Birthday to you...birthdays are so fun~!
ta ta for now and so happy the hat fit~!
Today it's sunny and 23 degrees outside.. Nice nice day~!~!

Sr Crystal Mary said...

What a sweet little girl, sugar and spice..I have a grandson Izaiah that same age, he is so cute also. Mia was my daughters modeling name, they cut it short from Femia..
I love it, so simple and so nice. Italian for my or mine.
Have a wonderful New Year and may you and your family be richly blessed.

Angela said...

Happy Birthday JP! Looks like you had a great one! Your grand baby sure is a cutie! Love the hat!


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