Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Connecticut: Time to Meet the Twins

Today, I wanted you to meet some VERY close friends of mine.  These are better known in the real world, as "the Twins".

I know.  I know.  "But, JP", you say, "they are not twins!  What are you or have you been smoking?"    You need to really use your imagination here...as they are obviously NOT identical...they are fraternal!  LOL!  Well, in their parents minds they are and I don't mean their dog parents.

Their "people" parents are MY BEST FRIENDS.  They have been my friends for...well, just about FOREVER!!  I am, however, beginning to have my doubts about their "dad" and his level of devotion to "the Twins".  He has begun to be a little less sensitive to the needs of the boxer.  And "my girl" knows it!

Both were rescues and if only you could have seen them when they first arrived.  The GSP was saved from a place...a nasty place...where over-breeding and unsanitary conditions existed.  The Boxer, my personal favorite,  was found on the streets of New York.  And, believe it or not and on one of my visits, we found out by total accident that she understands Spanish.  Oh and another perk...she knows how to sniff out "cash" when left in your overnight bag!  Seriously, she really took the envelopes of cash out of my bag one Christmas!!! Makes you wonder what kind of life she had!!  

The Boxer loves "auntie" (that's me) and shows how much she cares each time I sleep over by not only sleeping with me, but snoring throughout the night.  Then she sort of belches and then proceeds to wash my face.  I consider it my exfoliation treatment!! LOL...:)

Anyway I'm
 heading over to Angela's for:   WVTreasures' Show & Tail !
See you there...:)


TexWisGirl said...

They're wonderful!!! I love that they have overcome early terrors and have a great home and perfect auntie to spoil them!

Dawn said...

OH wonderful!
They look like they are pretty wonderful....twins:)
Glad they have someone to take care of them~nothing like a best friend like that!!

Have a wonderful new day,

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I just love boxer faces. So much expression!

Inger said...

You write the best stories. And no wonder the Boxer wants to sleep with you -- it is clear you understand her perfectly!

Chatty Crone said...

Our little dog Disco is a rescue dog - don't you find them the most grateful dogs in the whole world? Your two little dogs are adorable!

Happy Turkey Sandie♥

ClassyChassy said...

They are very sweet looking!

Angela said...

I just love the stories about the Twins! lol I can't imagine a dog stealing cash like that! lol It does make you wonder what kind of life that pup had before your friends took it in.

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Felix said...

This is the boxer dad speaking and I am pleased to let you know that she and I have forged a new relationship. We have both promised to be a little bit less stubborn toward each other in the future. She even lets me hug her now.


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