Sunday, November 21, 2010

Those "Happy Hunters"

Of course, it's hunting season.  Actually, rifle season began just about a week ago.  Although my husband went hunting during both bow and muzzle loader season, he got his first doe with his rifle.  Any deer that he gets from now on will be given to one of our neighbors who uses all the meat they get. 

Last Thursday morning, when Moon, Copper and I were walking up the mountain, we came to our usual spot to catch a breath or two (not them...ME!!).  The dogs had their noses to the ground and were definitely trying to tell me something.  Meanwhile, I noticed rather deep tire tracks in the gravel.  Then I saw footprints in the dirt along the side of the road.  It was right at the horseshoe curve that sits up above one of my neighbors house.

I realized right away that the footprints were NOT mine from previous walks.  Then, as I looked over into the leaves just off the edge of the road, there it was...a dead buck.  It couldn't have been there long.  There was no discernible odor.  Since I always carry my cell phone when I walk, I called Joe and asked him to call the authorities hoping that it would be removed before the stench began to set in.

However, when my husband went out that day, he stopped to take a look at it.  There was rope around the neck which told him that someone had "hung it", and "dressed it",  and for whatever reason, decided to simply toss it.  Joe seems to think that may have hung it outside and after it had warmed up recently, it may have begun to spoil. 


  1. Sounds like a body dump? I hope the coyotes can at least put it to good use (like the cows our neighbors lose next door...)

  2. :-( Sad that deer lost its life for no reason. Hope the wild animals can at least get a good meal.

  3. That sounds terrible. Like finding a dead body in CSI :) LOL

  4. I can't believe they went through all that trouble and didn't take it. There are usually a lot of poachers that kill the deer and just leave them in the fields where they lay just for the fun of it. In years past the DNR has set up traps trying to catch those people. Not sure if they ever did or not but I hope they did!

    Have a Great Day!

  5. Usually wild animals take care of things like that. All things work together in the country.

    We try to stay out of the fields during hunting season. We can hear guns during the day. My husband always wears his orange jacket and cap when he is out checking cattle.

  6. that stinks! well, maybe not literally...not yet...
    but what kind of person would kill the buck and then not 'dress it' fast enough?? or just decide they didn't want to be bothered?

    what a waste! what a shame!
    (hey...maybe u can save me the bones...the skull...HA!!) :]


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