Friday, November 26, 2010


I can hardly wait to hear about your Black Friday adventures.  I went once a few years was not good.  Oh, I made it just fine, because to me it was just another adventure.  But my husband detests waiting, detests lines and really doesn't like to be around wall to wall people.  Anyway, I'm heading to the Y this morning and not for shopping...but for perhaps some dropping!!  However, for those of you who try to do too much around the holidays:   

Tired of shopping, 
Feel like dropping
Need a special treat?
Sit back relax and..................... 

Don't forget to head over to Lisa's for:

 Memory Lane Fridays @ Two Bears Farm & Three Cubs



varunner said...

Well, I have to agree with Joe on this one ;-)
Love that you're headed to the Y first thing today! I'm going to do some weights later.

texwisgirl said...

Love it! I avoid shopping and detest the rabid crowds. I'd be out sitting in the car - probably parked next to your husband sitting in the car waiting for you! :) Enjoy your "dropping" day!

Nancy said...

No shopping for me today. Crowds and lines give me a massive migraine. Have a great workout!

Carol............. said...

Nothing I need that bad to get a black eye over!! LOL.....besides I'm not a morning person and by mid morning all the good stuff's gone.right?


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