Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chapter 22 - My Life: The Skating Pond

In case you haven't figured it out by now, I liked to stay physically active when I was a kid.  I always preferred to be outdoors than inside.

This picture is of a small pond that was...oh probably only about a mile away from the house.  You'll have to use your imagination here since I took this picture in July.  I need you to imagine it's winter.  And another thing, now that I'm sharing these stories with you, I'm beginning to see a pattern here...perhaps winter was not a good time for me.  

So, it's winter...snow on the ground and the pond is frozen...frozen so solid that it was safe to skate on!  Hurray!!!  Watch out Dorothy I come!  We'd walked down to the pond and began skating just like always.  Well, there was one of those teeny weeny bumps on the ice and the toe of my figure skate caught it just right!  Down I went flat on my side and we all laughed so hard!!

But, as I rolled over on my "keester", there was some serious pain in my right arm and my cousin had to help me up.  YUCK!  Severe pain always makes me feel sick to my stomach and we had to walk a mile before we got home.  Thank goodness it wasn't uphill!

So we walked home while I tried to gently brace my arm, holding my left hand under it.  I was wearing my favorite rabbit fur parka and noticing that I had torn one of the pelts, I knew I was going to be in trouble.  It was my favorite jacket!!  Yep...I was worried about the trouble I was going to get into for this one.  I mean, lets face it, in the past year, I had landed in a pile of boulders, split my shin on an axe and now THIS!!

My Aunt wanted me to go upstairs as usual to take off my jacket and change.  However, when I told her that my arm hurt so bad that I couldn't stand the weight of the jacket on my arm let alone pull the jacket off, she  changed her mind and helped me out of the parka.  And there it right arm...just dangling.  However, the section from your elbow to your wrist wasn't was S-shaped!!

They decided to by-pass the doctors and take me right to the Emergency Room this time.  I do remember how cool it was once they shot me up with a numbing agent.  I watched intently as they pulled the bones forward and slide them back into place!!  I was actually watching the bones (yes, Laura, BONES!) moving around on a screen next to the bed.   Then just like always, off I went to my classes at UConn.  No crutches this time...just a cast.  The teachers still were not happy.

Some people are just so hard to please!


Nancy C said...

We also have a pond that freezes in winter -- and I do so want to get a pair of skates to try it out -- but I'm like you and have a fear of what will happen to this old body (even though my mind is still in the 1970s).


TexWisGirl said...

Yikes! Your xrays must be a nightmare! You're far more adventurous than I was! And sounds like you kept going back for more! :)

Carol............. said...

Ouch! Just reading this made me ache! LOL

Take extra care this winter...

Verde Farm said...

Oh my goodness, you were an adventurous one. I can’t imagine the pain you were in walking all the way home. I could never have watched them manipulating your bones to get it back in place...I would have passed out. Ouch :)

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

i was going to say EXACTLY what Carol said! ouch!
just reading this made me cringe...HURT!

and i'm just like you JP, when it comes to the PAIN thing...or blood...i get sick to my stomach and lightheaded...have even been known to pass out!

as for the bones...ha! i love bones, you know that...i love to COLLECT them...not watch my bones slide around under my skin!! yikes!

i have never been a good skater...on ice or in a roller rink! i'm one of those that has to be PULLED around...and the only way to to crash!

good to see that ALL these BREAKS don't knock you down...gotta keep getting up! :] laura

Chatty Crone said...

You were a little tom boy that always got hurt huh - didn't know that about you. DId your aunt raise you? Sorry I am still kind of new here.

Are you baking all those cookies - and for who - I'll be glad to take some off your hands - lol.



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