Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Life: Riding Daisy (cont.)

So, taking the rope lead in hand, I grabbed Daisy's mane and jumped on her back.  I neck reined her to the right and we headed out towards the gravel road.  We made our way up the road and around the sharp corner at a slow trot.  I was planning on riding her for a while in the field up at the top of the hill.  The grasses wouldn't be tall yet as winter was just ending.  She wouldn't want to stop and graze because the young tender spring shoots hadn't even started to emerge yet.

We road around the field and then we headed out between the trees beginning our decent on the gravel road.  All was going well until she heard her foal, Star, let out a whinny.  Her ears perked forward as her eyes widened with alert.  She must have been saying, "my baby needs me" because she needed no prompting from my legs.  She broke into a quarter horse gallop.  I held on as best I could and then as the 90 degree turn approached, I thought, I'm going to flying off when we go around this corner!

But, Daisy...my little Daisy Mae, surprised me.  Rather than turning to the right and continuing to follow the road, she decided that she was going to take the shortest route possible to get to her baby.  Yep, Daisy Mae decided that she was now a jumper!  She launched sailing up and over the huge boulders, heading to the open field and Star, who continued to whinny.

I, on the other hand, did not accompany Daisy back to the fields, Star and the barn.  I lay in a crumpled heap on my back with boulders cushioning my fall!!  I don't' know how much time passed before my cousin and Uncle came up the road in the pick-up looking for me.  Daisy had returned and when they saw her riderless, they thought it would be wise to come and look for me.  Since I could sit, I rode home in the bed of the truck.

I went to the hospital after my Aunt saw that my thighs had swollen so much I could fit them in my shorts.  I messed up a knee cap and an ankle and had severe bone bruising.  I wasn't a pretty site and had to use crutches for a while.  It wasn't the first time for crutches.  Actually I was getting pretty good at using them!   

P.S.  It's Tuesday.  Remember to link up at Angela's Show & Tail at WV Treasures.  I did!!  Only without the crutches!!...:)


forestwalk/laura k said...

OH NO!! Daisy's mother instinct just kicked in big-time!! she heard her baby...and that's ALL she had on her mind!

hopefully none of that bruising...turned into a forever injury...like your knee cap??

((...and i hope you didn't have to listen to too much "i told you so!!"))

Verde Farm said...

Oh PJ, that is scary. I was thrown one at a full gallop and my saddle was loose. I am not skilled rider in any way. I can only imagine how much that hurt and thank goodness your family came and found you quickly. Reminds me of Flicka :) Glad you were ok!

Angela said...

Wow! What a story! I can't imagine how bad that felt to fall in boulders like that! Glad you lived to tell about it! Whew! You are a true cowgirl!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Tiggeriffic said...

What an adventure, I'm sure never to be repeated.. ta ta for now from Iowa


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