Monday, November 22, 2010

Mountaintop Meeting

Remember I told you about that dead buck the dogs and I spotted on our morning walk up the mountain last week.  Well, the next morning it was gone.  Apparently, the authorities responded quickly.  

The mountain is getting easier and easier for me to climb...thank goodness!  So, now we go up farther than we used to.  We walk all the way up to the county line, then back down which gives me a little extra cardio close to seven days a week!  YEAH!!!!  In all the "old people" magazines and articles I've read about "senior" health, cardiovascular exercise provides all kinds of benefits.  Good gravy!!  How in heavens name did I start talking about cardio???

I simply wanted to tell you about one of the "neighbors" that lives up and over the mountain in the next county.  As Moon, Copper and I were making our last "leg" up to the "hairpin turn" (although a native Virginian once told me that these types of corners are referred to as a "kiss your a - -  turn"), I felt as if we were being watched.  Have you ever gotten that feeling? 

Well, sure enough.  As I looked up through the forested slope to the next level, I spotted a man...just standing there...watching us as we hiked.  At first, I was a little reticent and "creeped out".  However, when I realized who it was, I hollered out "Good Morning, Mr. S."  As he smiled, he nodded once and said, "morning."  It was great to see him again as I hadn't chatted with him in a long, long time.  This man is in his 90's and has been walking up his side of the mountain then along the ridge for years!   He did tell me that sometimes he takes his pickup now!  Can you imagine?  I certainly hope that I can still make it at that age...with or without a truck!

We talked for about thirty minutes or so.  He is so "on top" of things...know what I mean?  When I inquired as to how his wife was, he told me how he lost his wife almost one year ago.  She was such a little sweetheart.  I'd always see her working in the yard with her little bonnet on when I crossed the mountain to go into "town."  I remember how tickled they both were when I brought them cookies one Christmas!    

 I listened as he told me how he was afraid that his cat had been killed by his neighbors dogs the other evening.  Luckily though, his cat came home that night.  I could see in his twinkling eyes and knew he was happy about that!  He owns a ton of acreage on the mountain and knows everything that goes on.  He doesn't miss a trick.  There was one thing though that he did miss...

I didn't have the heart to tell him that his fly was down!  


gld said...

Funny about the fly! I have been noticing these small things as we age..... why does it happen? Looks like our minds should stay sharp.

When you talk about walking up the mountain are you on a road or a trail?

varunner said...

This is the guy that has all the chopped wood? I've never actually talked to him. But I do see him walking.

texwisgirl said...

90 years old and still active and sharp. Wonderful! We'll forgive the fly. After all, I get pretty sloppy myself when I am alone for long periods of time. :)

Dawn said... your post here.
Nothing like a walk to cure anything- especially one up a mountain!
Sounds like you live in beautiful country!
Have a wonderful day,

Nancy said...

Visiting your blog from Inger's Desert Canyon Living. I see a couple more of my bloggy friends have discovered you before me (Dawn, texwisgirl.) They do know a good blog -- I'm so glad to have found yours.

Love this story. So many interesting people to meet and get to know in our little communities, if we only take the time. Thanks for the chuckle. :)

Verde Farm said...

Oh bless his heart. What a wonderful testament at 90! Hey, if I'm 90 and walking on the ridge butt neked (as we say it in my neck of the woods) I'd be doing good :) LOL


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