Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First of the Season

I peeled my first pomegranate of the season the other day.  A lot of people have never even tasted one.  I  LOVE them!  In fact, I usually buy anywhere from three to six a week once they're in season.

Towards the end of the season, I buy extra so I can then freeze the arils in quart size zip lock bags.

Simply cut off the ends, then score the skin along the sections.  Place the entire pomegranate in a bowl (some people submerse it in water...I don't) and break it apart along the scored sections.  Remove the thin membrane from the arils.  Voila!!  Then place the arils in your zip lock bag, folding bag over on itself to expel any excess air.  Label with your marker and place in the freezer.  Now you can enjoy them all spring and summer on top of your cereal like I do...:)!!!


gld said...

First, thanks for visiting my journal/blog.

I love your home....and nestled where it is. Life just doesn't get much better!

I haven't eaten a pomegranate in a 100 years! I wonder if our stores have them now. I am going to check.

Joy Tilton said...

Pomegranates are going on my list! I love the juice but haven't bought the fruit in a long fact since we lived in California. They are not as easy to find in the midwest grocery stores. My oldest daughter stained many a top eating them in the 1970's!

Angela said...

Last year I bought them to try for the first time because of reading how good they were on another gals blog. My son loved it at first but wouldn't eat another one the next day. My daughter didn't care for it. My husband didn't either. And I'm afraid that I didn't care too much for it either. I did like the juice that came out of them but I didn't like the seed. They are probably better if you can get them where they originally came from and not eat the ones that are shipped in like mine was.

Have a Great Day!

Kent Island Red said...

Sounds yummy! I also read that pomegranates are considered one of the "Super fruits" meaning loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.

Tiggeriffic said...

pomegranates are good ~ especially the juice.. We have them in season in our grocery store. I do have to watch the sugar count in the juice and just drink a little..
Ta Ta For Now~! from Iowa where it's 56 degrees today sunny and nice outside..

Verde Farm said...

I love pomegranates. That is a great idea--I will try it so I can have them ongoing :)


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