Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Copper: Run Squirrel Run

It had only been a few short weeks that Copper was here when he got to chase his first squirrel.  The bird feeders that are in the yard are scattered here and there so the song birds have a choice as to where to feed.   Needless to say the squirrels and chipmunks are quite often scampering around the bases, then they jump up into a nearby tree for a fast get away...especially from a Lab Pit mix!  

Copper is fast...I mean really fast!  Now remember, Copper literally had the run of the twenty acres when he first arrived because there was no fencing of any sort.  He is also the type of dog which must be busy at all times, otherwise boredom sets in.  Uh..oh!! 

One day, he was watching a squirrel just barely lifting the flap of his dog door so as not to scare the little guy off.  Then suddenly he bolted out so fast, I swear the house shook!  He ran like the dickens up around the back of the shed, sailed over the creek and continued up the hill near the edge of the woods.  Suddenly I saw him stop.  He was shaking his head vigorously.  Then he stood there staring at the ground.  

As I walked across the field and slowly climbed the hill, he looked at the ground, then up at me, then at the ground, then back up at me.  I saw it.  The squirrel was dead, just lying there.  Copper was not mouthing it...not chewing on it.  He just starred at it.  Copper looked at me, then back at the squirrel as if to say, "run, squirrel, run."  To him, it was just a game and he still wanted to play!  Do you see why I sometimes call him bonehead??

Of course, I felt bad about the squirrel and to my knowledge, that's the only one I ever saw him kill.  This one in the picture is a "stand-in".  I try to keep him occupied with his "toys"...his Kong (that black thing in the pic) is one of his favorites.  That and, of course, the red ball!

But, that, my friends is another story!


Tiggeriffic said...

Oh my~! What an amazing dog.. he is fast.. Are you sure he doesn't have a little Italian Greyhound in him too... Rocco my grand-dog is so fast. Rocco hasn't caught anything yet. I loved the story from start to finish.. Ta Da he did it~! Yeah Copper~! look out for the next adventure of Copper.~! ta ta for now from Iowa... 54 degress for now and warming up.. one more day of this and the week-end promises to have rain/snow...

Unknown said...

JP.. My dog Buster loves to chase the squirrels here.. But he has never caught one.. I am happy about that.. Dogs are such great animals aren't they It is amazing how they really become "Members of our families"
Waiting to hear more stories about Copper.

Kent Island Red said...

My husband tells me that our Lilly (terrier mix) caught a squirrel in the backyard and was so proud of herself that she brought it in the kitchen, dropped it on the floor, then looked up at him, wagging her tail. I hadn't gotten home from work yet, and he said he was halfway tempted to leave it there for me until I arrived but decided that was NOT something I wanted to come home to. He patted her head and told her what a good girl she was. I mean, I guess she thought she'd caught dinner for us, right? YUK!

Lisa E. said...

I had a dog when I was a kid, Cocoa, who once caught a HUGE snake and broke its spine with one shake of his head. My dog Dutch killed a squirrel once and, like Copper, appeared disappointed that the race was off. Both of my 'hairy kids' chase the back yard bunnies, but make sure to stop short of getting them. That's where I find a difference between dogs and cats. If a dog kills an animal, it is fast and efficient, whereas a cat will toy with and torture a little creature for hours. One dog we had was a great mouser and would leave them at our back door as a present! Eye of the beholder, one man's trash, etc. l-}


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