Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Copper: Find a Stick

When winter came, it brought snow to the Hollow.  And, as you know inches upon inches of snow can very easily bury a dog's favorite toys.  Well, that's just what happened to Copper's favorite toy...his Kong.  Swallowed up by all those flakes, frozen, literally buried...waiting to be found during the spring thaw.

So, he and I venture outside "toy-less" and while I'm in the shed filling the bird feeders, I'm telling him, "find it...go find a stick and we'll play." 

Now I KNOW you're going to think that this picture was a "plant".  It wasn't.  May God strike me dead, I finished filling the feeders and I heard him struggling, grunting and groaning around the back of the shed.  Whenever I walked around the back and saw this, I thought I was going to you know what my pants! 

I couldn't believe my eyes!!! LOL!  I looked at him and said, "that's NOT a stick.  That's a spear!"  Perhaps he wanted me to start throwing the javelin now that I'm working out at the Y.

However, I did make him sit and pose so I could take a few pictures just so folks would see what kind of a nut job he really is!!!  He has a sense of humor, doesn't he? ..:)

Only my bonehead!!!

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Granny Mountain said...

Hilarious! We've had big dogs in the past and they have a different idea of "toys." He needs a summer Kong and a winter Kong! Our little Ben has toys he loves. He's an old man now but he still loves his "Clown Man!"

Verde Farm said...

I love Copper more and more each post. I have no doubt he could fetch that fine stick :) LOL

Chatty Crone said...

I am visiting from Angela's blog.

What a great dog he is. Smart. Maybe he didn't think it was all that big.


Anonymous said...

Copper is a smart dog,bet you had fun trying to play toss & fetch with this.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Ha ha ha. Next time he'll bring the whole tree, thank you very much.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

HA!!!! sooo funny...that Copper!

i have to agree with 'varunner'...
next time THE TREE!

look out!! :]

Kent Island Red said...

He is just adorable! My dog Zeus managed to somehow get a stick about half that size (still too big!) in the house and I heard this scraping against the wall and I thought "what the heck...?" and I walk down the hall to see him with this long stick between his teeth looking for my husband to come out and play with him. Boy, was I mad! Luckily it didn't scratch up the walls, and of course, my husband thought it was funny and told Zeus he was a "good boy!"

Angela said...

Oh, I love him JP! Cooper is my kind of dog! You've got to love a dog that can bring in a stick the size of a log! lol

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Heritage Farm Village said...

that is soo funny! he is adorable. my nugget (on farmtails blog...i write for heritage) always finds these long branches and carries them around and when he turns quickly, you know who's legs gets banged! too funny! thank you so much for commenting on our blog. i just followed you and really look forward in reading your posts! jill

Sandra said...

I beleive this story because we have Baby Girl, rescue hound mix and she LOVES big sticks like this. we sit in the swing and watch as she tries to walk dragging it from where ever she finds it. Copper is beautiful. I read several of your post but decided this one floats my boat because I love ALL things dog and all animals. you stopped by my blog yesterday and i thank you, check out my babies on www.fourpawsetc.blogspot.com to see my rescue guys. I loved the story of your best friedns two recue dogs. we found our boxer mix in the street with parvo. he was nothing but skin and bones. look at the labels for Jakes Story

all my life i have wanted to live in an old log cabin. Yours is wonderful. are there any other photos of it on your blog?


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