Saturday, November 6, 2010

Copper: The City Dog

Meeting Copper

The people that were "getting rid of " (oh, excuse me, "trying to find him a new home") Copper had placed an ad in the Roanoke paper that went something like this.  "Handsome 10 mos old Lab mix, neutered, obedience trained, micro-chipped-call XXX-XXXX".  My husband had seen the ad in the paper and when I got home from work, he suggested that I call that evening. 

  You see, it had been one year since I had put Kiera Von Pooh, my GSP, down.  That was in 2003.  It was the year I moved to the Hollow.  I had brought her ashes with me to Virginia...with me to the Hollow.  But, it was time for me to fill the "companionship" need.

Anyway, in speaking with the owner, he told me that, at the present time, Copper was being boarded.  Odd, I thought. He went on to say that if I was interested in seeing the dog, I could meet him at the kennel.  We agreed on a date and time.  Upon arriving, I introduced myself to one of the trainers and we chatted until the owner arrived.  He then went in to the kennel and after a few moments, he came out, dog pulling and tugging on the leash so hard that the owner could just barely keep his footing.  Trained? I thought. 

I waited toward the far end of the walkway so I could get a full view of the pooch.  I immediately saw both the Lab (and Pitt) in him and as he approached, his tail was wagging non-stop.  A friendly dog even to total strangers, I thought.  I stooped down and as I did, Copper immediately came back over to me, turned around, began backing up and sat or tried to sit right in my lap!
I began to massage him as I listened intently as to why they needed to find a home for him.  Now, comes the truth, I thought.  But, I knew he had promise if I worked with him.  I agreed to take him home...home to the Hollow.
What I didn't take into consideration was that Copper was a city dog.
(to be continued) 


laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

hmmmm...let's see....a 'city dog'. so there must be something about a city dog that makes Copper have to the country...the Hollow??!! ummmm...maybe he's afraid of horses? bulls? all the little things that make noise and creep around the yard??

((how could you resist a dog that tried to sit in your lap??!!! right?!!)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Sounds similar to Scooter's story.

Tiggeriffic said...

I love dogs usually are on leashes, country dogs are not,, soooo I'll bet Cooper ran and ran and ran all over the place..
I loved reading that he backed up and sat on your lap.. that was sweet... good dog , good dog.
ta ta for now from Iowa sunny and 22 degrees.

Verde Farm said...

Oh I love your stories--you are like the great shows of yesteryear when you couldn't wait for next week to see what happened. Love it. Copper sounds like a lucky doggie :)

Angela said...

I find that odd too that the owner had him in a kennel. I'm glad that he is now in a better home! Can't wait to read part 2!

Have a Great Day!

Unknown said...

Dogs are such company and fit nicely into your heart don't they? I love your blog. Now I am your newest follower.


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