Friday, November 5, 2010

The City Beneath the Garden

While gardening recently, I came across something very interesting.  I discovered a LOST CITY!

This, my friends, is the entrance (and exit?) to the LOST CITY.  But, it can't be LOST because I found it!!!  There, behind a patch of marigolds, it lie.

I just thought of this little poem which should really make your day!!! LOL...:)

What little creatures frolic and play
While the little old lady is gardening away?
I waited for movement...I waited for life
When suddenly I spotted them...a husband & wife!

All furry and brown with cute little tails
In the City Beneath the Garden of rails.
Why a family of chipmunks have moved right in!
I don't use rodent killer...what a sin!!

Lisa hosts Memory Lane Fridays.  Click: here for Two Bears & Three Cubs Farm


Joy Tilton said...

How kind of you to let the furry couple reside at the Hollow! Tune in Monday to meet McGregor, our resident Gaboozie...

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Looks like a nice place for snakes to live.
Thanks for the call this morning :-)

Tiggeriffic said...

I was just thinking what varunner said..Snakes~~~~~ewwww. Those furry little guys and their family lived in my garden too. We have ground squirrels as we call them and they have now hibernated... they will be back next spring... ta ta for now from Iowa

Angela said...

Cute poem! I don't like furry critters in the house. They are fine outside!

Have a Great Weekend!

Verde Farm said...

Oh how cute JP. What a wonderful little city for the chipmunks to call home. How sweet.

Kent Island Red said...

I can imagine how cozy their little home is inside. I'm with you - NEVER use rodent poison. "All creatures great and small, the Lord above he made them ALL." (including chipmunks)

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

a Lost City!! COOL!!! just TINY their furniture that little hole-in-the-wall-house!!


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