Sunday, October 3, 2010

What a Handsome Devil # 3435 ...:)

One year, when I was up visiting my girl friend in Connecticut, she suggested that we go visit an honest to goodness Dairy Farm.  Since I had never been to visit a "dairy", I was excited about the idea.  At the time, she had an "in" with the owner as she was doing PR for him so I felt pretty special.

Off we went early one morning to become part of a tour that was open to the public.  I knew we'd have fun because we always do regardless of what we do or where we go.  She's a natural comedian!

We arrive, follow the other cars to the field for parking and walk on in.  Once she spotted the owner, she immediately introduced me.  He was a nice enough guy, but I got the feeling that he could also be a tough cookie.  I mean he ran a business so I guess he had to be that way.  (The farm and his name shall remain anonymous for the purpose of privacy.)
 Here's a good picture of "the girls".  They all lined up at their chow line when the tour began and we were in the barn, which really isn't a barn...not with four solid walls anyway.  It's more like a shelter from the weather...snow, sleet, rain and of course, sun when it's too hot.

They have this mechanism that actually sweeps their residue (pee and poops) down and then it is literally separated and reused to make fertilizer for the fields.

Here's a picture of the tractors working on the silage.  It was truly amazing that, on a farm of this magnitude, the owners were so conscientious about recycling, reusing and farmland preservation.  

 It really makes you stop and think what COULD HAPPEN IF WE ALL PITCHED IN and did our little part, doesn't it?

Oh, heck...I'm not telling you to recycle pee and poop...but a few bottles, cans and plastic grocery bags would sure help!

Did you also know that there is a "boss lady" in the herd?  Personally, I just thought that all "the girls" just sort of hung out know like high school buddies or college roommates.  Wrong!

There is a "boss" among the herd and we got to see her exhibit her title while we were in the barn! 

This last picture is of me petting calf #3435.  He's only a few days old.  When born, they are taken away from their mom's as soon as possible and moved to a nursery (how cute is that?) where they are bottle fed colostrum (the mothers first milk).  After being weaned, they are moved to group pens.

But one bit of advice, don't let a new calf suck    your finger!  They can suck really hard!!!   I actually had a hard time pulling my arm back out of the fencing!  I thought he was taking me prisoner.  This little guy's mom was only about 22 months old when she gave birth and will now join the milking herd.  Meanwhile he will, after being weaned,  join a cult...NO NO...I mean group!


Tiggeriffic said...

There is a dairy operation near here.. I should take Ben there to see the cows... Don't know if right now they have baby calves ~ but I'll check it out.. WHen I took Ben to the 4-H fair I let him go where the baby calves were and one sucked on Ben's finger... Oh he loved that..but we had a hard time getting the calf to let go.. That was the end of that, no more sucking on Ben's finger..

Felicia said...

Hehe this is cute JP. Yes they suck really hard and their tongues are very rough.


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