Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Many Phases of the Moon

Phase One:  Puppy

Approximately 5 mos old and weighing just shy of 10 pounds, she wandered in off the mountain with a stick embedded in her hip which required surgery and a stay at the vet's.  She was literally starving, surviving on various insects, our Vet told us. We actually had to tell her "NO" when she would eat Daddy Long-legs, beetles and butterflies!  

Phase Two and Three:  Puppy

Mountain Moon is Three Years old in this picture.  Her nearly black muzzle has lightened considerably and she is still just as playful as a pup!

Phase Four:  Puppy

Moon is Six Years old now still thinks she is a puppy!
She saw me with the camera and said, "Don't miss this shot, Mommy...I'm hunting...HE is playing!"

Conclusion:  Although there are many phases of the moon, my Moon apparently has one one phase...PUPPY!


LambAround said...

Moon and Pica would probably get along well (other than the little problem of Pica being "bite-sized" to Moon!)

Happy Halloween! :)

Cathy said...

Moon was one lucky dog finding you and you giving her a wonderful home. Beautiful dog.

Lisa E said...

There's only one phase to your Moon...adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the close bond that you have with your two beautiful dogs....


Joycee said...'re so cute! She looks devoted to you after saving her life. Sometimes strays can make the very pets. Our cocker spaniel Ben was a rescue dog. He as left out in an ice storm and ended up at the shelter to be put up for adoption. He's an old man now but acts like a puppy too!

Angela said...

What a beautiful dog! Love the name Moon too!

Have a Great Day!

texwisgirl said...

Adorable! And so lucky to have you!


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