Saturday, October 9, 2010

Split Personality?

I've decided that I have a split personality.  The reason I have come to this conclusion is quite simple really.  I have the privilege of owning two vehicles.  I bought my Mini Cooper three years ago because I thought it was cute.  Well, I mean I did a lot of research about it beforehand too and I liked what I read.  You see, I'm a Capricorn and am all about security and safety.   I like need to know that I am  safe and secure.  This is for the feminine side...the traveler, the shopper, the run errands, dolly domestic diva in me (right!! at the age of 62 LOL!!!).

So picture me driving this little blue devil here and there, just zipping around, getting 40mpg running around town...more on highway driving road trips!  It's a peppy little thing and easily maneuverable.  That's a good thing for me because I hate loathe parallel parking! I can fit just about anywhere and can even parallel park with it!!  It not only handles great on the windy, hilly roads here in the Virginia Blue Ridge, but can also bob and weave with the best of them with the greatest of ease in the city.  Once, I had to do a "u ie" (I believe the correct terminology for that is a U turn) in the middle of a two lane bridge...well I didn't HAVE TO...I just did it because it was a little risky and fun and besides, no one was looking!  It wasn't just me, though, that had those thoughts...I heard the engine say, "try it, you'll like it!  You can do it."    

Now comes the "other side" of me...the adventurer, the "tom-boy".  You know, the gal who sometimes puts on a baseball cap, rolls down the window and cranks up the music!  I have my Wrangler for that part of me.

Oh, the "discussions" I have had with my husband about my Jeep!  For instance...I wanted to leave my "rag top" year round.  It's not a bikini one; it's a full soft top, where the windows zip out.  I love the feeling of wind in my face...when I'm in "tom-boy mode"!! 

The result, my friends.  Do you see a "rag top" in this picture?  NO!  The softtop is folded up and stored well out of my reach!  "You're not 18" is what I have to hear!!  My answer is always the same, "No, but I'm not dead either!"  And, it's been an on going battle ever since.  

Que sera, sera!  C'est la vie!

My Wrangler loves to climb as much as I do.  You can just feel it when you're heading up a steep incline.  It truly is built to climb and drive in the snow, of course!   It has taken me through some pretty rough terrain and some pretty deep water...I know, I know...but the police told me it was safe to pass.  I love my  '98 Wrangler.  It has over 179,000 miles on it and each time I start the engine, it too talks to me.  It says, "let's head up the mountain and go exploring!"

So you tell me is this an indication of :

Split personality...NO!
Adventurous,fun-loving, yet sometimes feminine & demure...YES!


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I actually thought of you the other day when I passed a mini that had the license plate MINIAC - hee hee :-)

Eh, put the top down. You just might eat a lot of gravel on our road though.

My Mad World said...

Love this post! Love both vehicles! One's for the practical stuff and the other if for the wild and crazy fun stuff! Love it!!!

Verde Farm said...

Ok, I know I have found a new friend here. I too have a Mini Cooper, just bought it in August of this year. It is blue--different than yours a bit--it's called a mercury blue or something like that, grey blue to me. I love my mini and all you said about it is just what I feel. I too would love to have a jeep. We haven a big pick up truck and I get a thrill from that too. You get that soft top back on and enjoy your rides :)

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

my vote's for the jeep!

but it's nice to have that choice...hmmm...WHO am i today??! :)

Joy Tilton said...

I have split personality too, we've owned all kind of vehicles from big Dodge Rams to Cadillacs and now a Prius! I'm from that era too when gas mileage wasn't the most important thing. We both now are trying to beat the latest gas mileage, 58mpg!


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