Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chapter 14 ~ My Life: A Seamless Transition

While I was working in Operations, our bank merged with a larger organization based out of New Jersey.  One of the head trainers was coming up to Connecticut to observe me conduct a training class because they had offered me a position.  I wanted to make a good impression so that it would be a seamless transition into their world.  Oh, it went fine.  I always tried to dress impeccably and she and I immediately developed a mutual respect that lasted for years.  I had finished the class and my meeting with Peggy, so I decided to use the ladies room.  Then I would head downstairs where my son was picking me up (my car was in the shop) and taking me to get my weekly allergy shot. 

However, as I came out of the bathroom, I slipped on the recently waxed tile and landed flat on my butt!  I looked around. No one saw me (thank goodness!) so I stood up, brushed myself off and headed down the stairs.  I noticed that I had a bruise on my knee and that I had put a hole in my pantyhose where the bruise big deal...not a show stopper...I'm only going to the allergist. 

I took off my jacket, got in the car and we headed to the allergist.  My son was going to go get gas while I was in the office, so as usual, I went into the waiting area.  I noticed that the place was pretty full, so I walked all the way to the back on the room.  However, as I walked, I felt all these eyes watching me.  I thought, "haven't they ever seen a hole in pantyhose before?"

Rita called my name.  I got up walked down towards her office and again felt like I was being watched.  When I walked in and went to sit down, Rita said, "JP, you might want to go to the ladies room before we start."  When I asked why, she said, "turn your skirt around when you get in there."  So, in I went to the ladies room and Holy Moosepoops!!  

When I turned my skirt so that the back zipper was now in the front, guess what?  Apparently, when I fell,the entire back seam split all the way up to the bottom of the zipper!  And to make matters worse, I wasn't wearing a slip because the skirt was lined!  Which meant that they were not looking at my knee...they were looking at my butt!!!  Talk about a big OOPS!

I left the skirt on backwards and when I walked out to leave, I placed my purse directly in front of the now revealing slit in the front of my skirt!  I got into the car and asked my son why he didn't tell me my skirt was split when I got out of the car.  He responded, "Mom, I don't make it a habit to look at your butt."  Well, I really wished, at that point, that someone had just come up to me and told me that my transition into my new job really was seamless!     

P.S.  No pictures go with this way!


Anonymous said...

A delightful story that gave me a laugh!


Joy Tilton said...

OMgoodness! I would have just died, maybe had to live in the doctors office the rest of my life! You are a brave woman to fall, get up and just keep going!


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