Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Long Lazy Afternoon Made Adenturous (Part II)

We had driven over an hour passing the Jefferson Forest.  We found the place easily enough...thanks to me spotting their mailbox number quickly.  Mike hit the brakes.  Now he had to back up.  That's when he told me that doesn't do that well either...not with the trailer attached!  LOL!  Anyway, he managed to get us into the driveway and as I looked around I saw a Palomino, a Paint, a black mare, a huge black donkey, turkeys, a cow all before I even spotted the last two.

The woman went into the paddock and as she tried to catch him, she told us that when she'd gotten him from the field earlier that morning, his halter must have been dry rotted and just broke.  So here he was all bright eyed and spunky with the halter hanging from his neck.  She then went on to say that he's not real friendly although he's never bitten or kicked anyone.  "But, he is a good boy," she said.
I looked at Mike and whispered in his ear, "are you sure about this?"  So, finally the woman was able to grab hold of his halter and attach the lead we'd brought.  Then she said, "he leads real nice...once you catch him...  see."

We bribed him up into the trailer with some feed and thank goodness no pushing was required!  We said our farewells and headed back home, climbing the curvy mountainous roads ever so carefully.  Once we got back to Mike's he told me he would lead him out of the trailer and that he wanted me to walk him around to get adjusted to his surroundings.  Sure, I thought, just what I've always wanted to do 
on my Long Lazy Afternoon Made Adventurous = Llama

P.S.  I personally think they should call him Ivan the Terrible, but that didn't go over well.  Actually, he's really quite sweet...once you catch him!

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Well, that does sound like an interesting time!

ClassyChassy said...

Do you have llama experience? I think they need to be shorn once a year - you could sell llama wool maybe??

Heligirl said...

Mighty adventurous, I'd say, but very cool none the less. Sounds like a spunky new friend for Mike. :)

Verde Farm said...

What a fun adventure you've had. I think this guy is beautiful. Would you recommend a llama after this experience?

Angela said...

Wow! What an adventure! I would had never guessed it was a llama you were going after to bring back! Great story!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Inger said...

Hello JP and thanks for checking out my blog. Your place looks so lovely and I'm sure your new addition will soon feel right at home.--Inger

Annesphamily said...

Great pet! I am so fascinated by different critters. Thanks for sharing. Anne


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