Sunday, October 17, 2010

How Are YOU Feeling?

Are you tired, anxious, stressed?  Are you overworked?  Are you feeling poopy?  Do you find that you're walking around the house with a long, sad face?  Do you feel like you need a vacation?  When was the last time you "played"?    Then  head to Aruba, my friends!  It is known as "one happy island" and I'll tell you why.  It's like heaven there...peaceful, no pressure, sunny almost year round, with a constant breeze and the people ARE ALWAYS SMILING AND PLEASANT!!  Here's a few pics as well as a small history lesson get you over the hurdle of making that decision.

This is a Divi-divi tree.  They literally dot the island.  The constant breeze in Aruba has actually "sculpted" them.  When I first went there, I thought it was so odd that these trees all faced the same direction.  Then I found out why.  Now I love them.  It's so much fun learning new things!

On with our lesson...

  Although the island is only about 20 miles X 5 miles, there are about 100,000 happy faces there!  Everyone moves slowly in one rushes to do or go anywhere.  It is a very laid back atmosphere.  The island is one of three (known as the "ABC" Islands..Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao located in the Caribbean) and belongs to the Netherlands.  Primary languages spoken there are Dutch and Papiamentu (local dialect).

The northeast side of the island is known for it's extremely rugged coastline, while the southern side of the island is where all the hotels are located.  The beaches on the south side are spectacular!  I couldn't leave you with just that picture, now could I?  

I took this picture on one of my daily morning walks.  That's one of the "pirate" ships you see where you can go on-board and they take you to various snorkeling places around the island.

I had never snorkeled before in my life...but that's another story.  Just remember that reef.  I know I will!

Personally, I think I've talked myself into needing a beach fix just looking at these pictures!...:)

P.S.  Here's a link so you can check it out for yourself...just in case you don't believe me! 


Tiggeriffic said...

Have been to Nassua and it was a beautiful place. Enjoyed snorkling. (you should try it). Very peaceful.. Our guides told us to take bread along to feed the fish.. Oh my goodness! Those beautiful salt water fish came and gobbled up the bread.. It was so beautiful~! Wished I had bought one of those under water cameras. I was amazed at how clear the water was and how white the sand was.

Joycee said...

I need a sand and sun fix now! Nothing like a beach vacation to unwind...

Kim said...

"Are you feeling poopy?" LOL And the answer is YES, often. Aruba certainly looks inviting.


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