Saturday, October 30, 2010

Follow-Up to "It's Empty"

YEAH!!!!!  My vanilla "supplier" said I can get another refill...:)

Oh, and I am going to try to make some myself this year since I go through vanilla like crazy baking all those cookies I bring to the kids for Christmas.

So, to my "supplier", a BIG HUG, SMOOCH ON THE CHEEK!!!
To the rest of you...EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!!  LOL!!  Only kidding...I'll let you know how I do making "the stuff".  


Angela said...

Glad to hear that you are going to get some more vanilla! Can I smell the cookies baking in the oven already? hehehe

Happy Halloween!

Tiggeriffic said...

How do you make vanilla? I never knew one could make vanilla.. IT's so expensive at the store I just buy the smallest bottle..
So glad that you are going to be getting a refil... Varunner is so wonderful..
Have a great day tomorrow...sunday...ta ta for now from Iowa

varunner said...

Oh it's so easy to make. You really can't screw it up. You just get a big air tight bottle, dump in vodka (the cheap stuff is fine) with some whole vanilla beans, and let it sit in a cool dark place for 6 months.
You don't want to come get your refill right now, because we all have colds ;-)


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