Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Means Harvest

Today was rather an overcast as well.  I got a little ambitious this afternoon so I decided to take a stroll around the yard.  I decided to "harvest."

As you can see, I collected a few seeds from my plants.  Depending on the plant, I'll plant some before we get a frost and the others will be planted in the Spring.

After all, fall does mean harvest, right?  And, there is nothing more gratifying than seeing those little ones grow up!

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Tiggeriffic said...

Harvesting is so much fun~! My birds pick my columbine and my daisy's clean so I never get to save the seed..
Tomorrow I should go out and clean off my garden.. Get the pumpkins set near the driveway. I took 2 to Ben's house today and he was so excited...He helped me pick up the board games after we played today. He was so silly today...
We had a great time..
The chilli turned out delicious and I took some to Tracie.. She loves chilli... This is the best time of year to have a bowl..
Well, it's almost time for Amazing Race, that seems to be one of the few TV programs I watch. Our whole family wathces and we always have couples we have picked out to win in the end of the race. Have a great Monday..Ta Ta For Now~!


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