Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You Tell Me

The other day I went outside and while I was giving Moon some what I call "luvin' rubbin'", I kept hearing a strange clicking noise.  It was really loud so I knew it was close to where we were.  It would stop as suddenly as it would start.

Then there it was again.  I couldn't see anything but I decided to investigate.  Finally, following the clicking, I turned over the wicker chair and looked closely.  There was a big green creature lying in the grass and it looked like it was struggling...I mean really struggling.  I thought that it was tangled up in the grass so I carefully moved the layers off of it until I had a clear view.

I figured if I picked it up by the back end I'd be safe.  I gently placed it on the wicker table and each time I tried to upright it, the poor thing would struggle and then fall over on it's side.  Moon wanted to eat it.  She is just so uncouth sometimes!   I told her,"leave it." 

Finally I figured out that it was missing one of it's big back legs.  Poor thing!  Since I just didn't have the heart to kill it, I once again picked it up and walked slowly with it over to the fence line that runs along the field.  There are tons of thick flowers along the fence...Marigolds, Blanket Flower, Mexican Sunflowers and Angel Trumpets.  That's where I put it...let nature takes it course.

You tell me...what would you have done? 

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