Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chapter 10 ~ My Life: Servicing Others

So, I left Town Plot and headed for Wolcott.  It was a quite little town not in the city.  Everyone knew everyone and I was the new kid on the block.  But with the help of my new manager, Marie, the community accepted me immediately.  Marie, I owe you so much!  She was truly wonderful human being.  She would take the time to teach me new things after the doors closed.  I remember sitting at her desk pretending to be the customer, Joe Shmoe (she used to call him) while she walked me though all the necessary questions that I should ask, prompts to give the customer, seeds to plant in their heads and how to logistically put all the data together to make it happen for them and the bank.

It was while I was located in Wolcott that I had the good fortune of meeting a local doctor who I remained friends with for years.  Once I had gotten to know him, he and his wife knew that I was only part-time and that I still did not have medical insurance for neither my kids or myself.  He told me that if ever any of us needed a doctor to give him a call.  Well, this man took care of us until I became full-time...for any and every illness we had...and never charged me a dime!  I learned back then to swallow my pride and accept charity.   So, to Dr. L, I again say thank you.  I owe you so much for your generosity! 

Under Marie's wing, I learned quickly.  The more I learned, the more she taught me...lending, home equity loans, first mortgages, second mortgages, commercial lending, etc.  My only late night was Fridays.  The branch was open until 7pm.  However, even that proved to be a good thing because by the time I got home to my daughter and son, it was late and we were always so hungry.  So our Friday night suppers always consisted of good old PANCAKES! They were quick, easy and inexpensive and we laugh about it to this day...:)  I love pancakes!

Nearly a year had flown by when I applied for a full-time position at the Main Office.  Although I had only been in that position for that short of a time, it was because of Marie that I was doing the work of someone at the next level. 

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varunner said...

Sometime I'll have to share my brown sugar pancake recipe :-)


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