Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chapter 11 ~ My Life: The Next Level

I'm telling you "that suit" worked like magic.  I got the full-time position I had applied for and was now working in the Main Office!  I had thought that if I landed the job here, the Main Office...Headquarters...that all "the biggies" would have an opportunity to see me and the potential I had.  You see, I knew I was good at my job.  I simply need to convince them.

So convince them is what I did.  You know," if you believe in yourself, know that you are unique and allow yourself the freedom to use the best of your God's given gifts (yourself), life works!"

Once again, I worked with a wonderful group of people and being located at the Main Office, I met those people from other departments giving me the opportunity to see or deal with them on a regular basis.  The Bank Records Depart, the IRA Department, Telemarketing, Human Resources, Corporate Security, Retail Lending, Commercial Banking...I was getting to know them all and they were getting to know me.

My guardian angel never left my kids or I!   And no matter how hard things got, we always came through it!   At work, I had earned  the respect of my peers as well as my superiors just as I wanted.  My professional life had grown and I was proud of myself!

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varunner said...

Do you miss it at all?


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