Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jiminy Cricket in the Hollow

When I went to go do some trimming the other day, I spied this dapper looking dude.  He just sat there, so sure of himself while I snapped his picture.  However, he was probably terrified and too afraid to move!

But then, after I put the camera on the potting bench and got into the confines of the garden, I noticed this fellow hanging out on my grapevine wreath that I made.

He let me get in nice and close.  I was trying to catch him while he was scratching, but I just wasn't fast enough to catch him with his leg up near his head.  Darn it all! 

Now I know why I seen so many turkeys in our yard on the hill.  They love crickets!

"When your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme."  Jiminy Cricket


forestwalk/laura k said...

yikes! i'm behind! busy week and i see you;ve had FIVE posts!!
yay! for jiminy cricket!! he's staying away from the turkeys!!
NICE shots!!!!! :)

LambAround said...

I could never get a photo like this. I'd be too scared that creepy crawly would jump out at me! :p


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