Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hurricane in the Hollow (Part 1)

If you've been watching the weather lately, there is much talk about an impending hurricane named Earl.  Well, back in 2003, there was an Isabel and I, unfortunately,  had the opportunity to meet her.

  We had moved into the Hollow in June of that year.  I believe she introduced herself to me in September.  I say me because my husband was up in CT for hunting season which opens mid-September.  So, here I was...alone in a place my step daughter called "deliverance" and "heavenly" to others.  In addition, since I was working all the time, I really didn't know any of the neighbors yet and didn't have my two faithful companions (Moon and Copper) that I now have.  I was alone.

I was, of course, working for the bank and knowing the storm was coming, our focus at work was on Emergency Preparedness.  The storm hit our area in mid September and I believe it was a Thursday, when it hit.  Now here in Southwest Virginia, we got wind (not as bad as the coast, of course) and LOTS and LOTS of rain.  I  remember being at work and one of the area leaders asked me to go out to a branch because they were on the verge of being flooded.  I drove my Wrangler everywhere back then and although the water had crossed many of the roads, traffic was moving through it slowly.  I made it just fine.  However, branches were instructed to close early so the employees could get home before it got worse.  That meant that I, too, could head home.

Little did I know how these small creeks can explode...yep, that's describes it...when heavy rains inundate a normally sedate creek.  As I made my way on our gravel road and was about 1/2 mile away from our house, I noticed that the road was flooded over, washed out and the creek along side was certainly not trickling.

 The water was flowing with such tremendous speed I could hardly believe my eyes.  As I rounded the bend, a small tree lay across the road.  Now my son had always told me that my Jeep could make it through just about anything.  So, I put it in four wheel drive and went "off-roading" for the first time in my life...just long enough to get around the tree and back onto the washed out road!  Then, as I rounded the next bend, there ahead of me I saw the pines trees that are on either side of the Hollow's driveway.  I thanked God.  I was home.  As you can see, this is what "the Hollow" looks like normally.  Note the's depth, width.

But, the storm was not over.... (to be continued)


varunner said...

We did get a TON of rain - and I think we lost power for a couple of days that time too.

Anonymous said...

You have a most wonderful blog. Why don't you compile your entries into a book?



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