Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fuschia (Part 2)

The following year, Fatty Fuchsia was still with us.  Then one day I came home from work and when I asked the kids where Fuchsia was, my son told me that, "she was meowing by the door really bad, mom, so I let her out."  Good gravy, I thought!  After calling and calling for her again and again and with no sign of her, I figured she was gone and hoped she found a good home for herself. 

Then a few days later she returned up on the sill once again...all stinky and filthy again and there was that mean looking cat again too...old "Scarface."  I once again brought her in and told the kids that no matter how badly she meows, do not let her out.  

Once again, she cleaned herself up seemed happy to be with Inkers and us and settled right in to our routine. I was still at work when my daughter called to check in.  She had some VERY interesting news.  She and her brother had heard something down in the basement.  When they went downstairs to see what it was,
there was Fatty Fuchsia lying on top of the Christmas decorations with three little kittens!  I told the kids to leave her be and that I'd be home soon.  The crazy part is...I never knew she was even pregnant!

Upon arriving home, the three of us went downstairs and sure enough...three brand new little ones all nestled up to mom, sucking away!  I told the kids that no matter what she cannot go matter how much she meows and moans and or cries because she apparently was interested in doing "the wild thing"!

I'm actually smiling as I write this story because I truly don't know how old my son was at the time when this second litter arrived, but I do remember him saying, "Mom, is Fuchsia what you'd call a hooker?"  Still LOLing!!

Once again, we interviewed and found homes for all three.  The last one, who we called Henry, left us on Thanksgiving Day.  My son and I made a box with air holes in it, placed a soft towel for him to snuggle up in and one entire drumbstick for him to nibble on as we drove to meet one of my customers out in Middlebury.  Vinnie was going to drive up to his son's place for a few days and was bringing Henry as a gift for the grandkids.

So here she is, folks...Fatty Fuchsia (aka the Happy Hooker)...:)
For Christmas, Fatty Fuchsia got a gift too...she was spayed!

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