Thursday, September 23, 2010

Family & Friends = Fall Warmth (Part 1)

I went up to Connecticut to visit family and friends for a few days last week...I had an awesome time!  Thursday afternoon when I got in I headed over to see my son, his wife and my grand daughter (21 months) first so I could drop off the goodies I brought (chocolate chip bars, brownies and a new sandwich cookie I concocted).  My daughter was able to stop by his house after work so she was happy to get her stuff as well.  It feels so good to see my kids living their lives as adults!  On Friday, I had the chance to spend the entire day with my daughter.  We went shopping and then out to lunch!

On Saturday, I went with my son to something that they've enrolled my grand daughter into...Monkey Business.  It was outstanding!  The floors are covered with mats and then there are all kinds of slides, chutes, jungle gyms, balls, etc for the kids to just go crazy on.  Parents accompany the child as they roam freely to play and interact with the other children.  Of course, Nana (that's me) got to play too!  Here's just a few pics...

As you can see, Mia LOVES the slide.  In fact, the steeper it is, the more she smiles and giggles when she's at the top!  

I wonder if that's because my son is so tall and he got her used to riding on his shoulders?

In this one, which I just think is so darn cute, my son is waiting at one end of the tunnel while she begins to make her way through it.  I'll admit, not the most flattering picture of her...I'm sure I'll hear about it when she gets older!  LOL!

After Mia's mom got home from work, we all went to the park and played.  I told all my Facebook friends that what's nice about growing old is that you can act like a kid all over again.  So that's just what I did!

I have come to the conclusion that these little animals (although Mia was on a motorcycle) on springs are NOT meant for children with long legs!!!

However, judging by the look on her face, she really didn't care that my legs didn't fit.  Or do you think she's laughing because my legs just didn't fit? 

There is more to come on Family & Friends = Fall Warmth so be sure to come back!


Tiggeriffic said...

OH grandchiildren are such a blessing and our children who have reached adult age. Must be a little chilly there, I see you have on long sleeves.. It's 77 this a.m. and very nice outside. sunny..I have on my shorts. Went to town this morning to get blood work done.. I know it's going to be great~! My blood sugar readings have been very very good.. This morning it was 77... yeah~!

forestwalk/laura k said...

oooooh!! love those playground pictures...brings back memories of when MY boys were that young...26 yrs ago. no grandchildren for me yet!!!


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