Saturday, September 25, 2010

Family & Friends = Fall Warmth Part 2

By the time we left the park it was after five, so I wanted to head out to my best friend's house, which is where I was sleeping.  Let me tell you a little about them.  He adores her...the way her husband looks at her is heart wrenching and he loves everything about her.  He always tells me that she is is "soul mate" and that he fell in love with her smile the first time he saw her!  Now how sweet is that?  You don't hear many men admit to that let alone say it.

I love sleeping at their house because I get to sleep with their boxer, who I call Gertie (which is really short for Greta...don't ask).  One year when I came up to visit and was staying there, I had left my overnight bag unzipped on the bedroom floor.  My friend, her husband and I were sitting at the table shooting the breeze and suddenly my girl friend said, "hey, what's Greta got?"  We all turned to look.  She had taken the envelope of cash out of my bag and had it in her bed!  Mind you, this was the cash that I was going to give the kids for Christmas!!

Now with each of my visits, my girl friend reminds me to "bring cash" or "don't forget the cash"!  What the three of us have talked about though is that Greta was a rescue...a rescue form the streets of New York.  So, who knows...she really may be a drug sniffing, cash sniffing pro and we just don't know it!  She is so beautiful now that she's been given the love and affection she so much deserved.  If only you could have seen her when they first got and bones...just plain emaciated.  Now she has a shape and when we snuggle at night, I tell her how beautiful she is. 

The only drawback to sleeping with Gertie is that during the night, she wakes up, starts to circle and right before she settles, she comes over to my face and gives me those BIG LICKS and trust me, she could use some Listerine!!!  Here's a picture my girlfriend gave gives you a look at the "real" woman inside her waiting to get out...

            for trick or treat , that is!


21 Wits said...

What a darling and loving loyal doggie!

elena nuez said...

so funny!!!, you make me smile this morning!!!
greetings from Spain

Lisa Ericson said...

Why she's gorgeous and so fashionable!


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