Sunday, August 15, 2010

You Tell Me

Isn't this an AWESOME find I came across while hiking?

Please leave a comment as to what it looks like to you.  I still haven't learned to do that vote thingy yet!

P.S.  Go over to my sidebar, and cast your's entitled: You Tell Me


Tiggeriffic said...

Grandaughter Kelly at first said it looked like a turtle and then she said "It looks like a giraffe laying down."
I think it looks like a prehistoric pig.
We liked the rock that you had on your blog earlier this week. But we really like this tree fiqure that looks like it could be a lot of things.. Isn't nature cool~!~! We just have to stop and take notice... Thanks for the picture.~!

Felix F Giordano said...

It looks like a scab I once had on my knee.

Anonymous said...

I voted "Turtle" because Jabba the Hut passed out after a night of heavy drinking wasn't an option.


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