Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who ate the Loosestrife?

This year one of my perennials (Lysimachia puncata aka Yellow Loosestrife) was attacked by what appeared to be small white caterpillars.  I had a ton of these creatures which were no longer than 1/2 inch!  They devoured the leaves of both this plant and my perennial Hibiscus.  They did not feed on anything else in the Shasta Daisies, Black-Eyed Susan, Sedums, Ageratum , Phlox, Balloon Flowers, Bachelor Buttons, Forget-Me-Nots, Dianthus all were unscathed.
So, when I went to the gym the other day, I decided to ask a friend of mine who is not only a Master Gardener, but also just recently became a Master Naturalist (not sure if that is the exact title).  He is an excellent resource and we all know that resources are the key. When I described them to him, he immediately began asking me about the type of flowers that they were on.   He gave me a few suggestions and I am still doing some research.  But, if any of you are at all familiar with the little white rascals, please let me know.  I want to avoid them next year. 

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