Thursday, August 5, 2010

Time To Be A Kid Again!

No reason to take time off just because of company!  That's just an excuse to take a break from blogging!  That's what I keep telling myself anyway.

  You see, my youngest step daughter, her husband and their three girls are coming down to visit for a few days!  They're getting in late Friday afternoon and are staying through the beginning of the week.  So, of course, I am excited to see the girls (and their parents as well, of course).  They had gone to Virginia Beach for five days, then planned on stopping here before heading home. 

I had made them some of their favorites snacks earlier in the week and have a few things planned for the girls...thanks to a few ideas I got my blogger buddies!   Lisa, over at Two Bears Farm , gave me a GREAT idea.  She suggested that we make gardening stones since I love to garden so much!  But, rather than painting rocks, we are going to MAKE them using a mold and concrete mix!  I picked up all the necessities, I think, including masks & rubber gloves for them to wear.  Another suggestion I got was to decorate the Mini M & M containers with the girls.  I think they'll love that too!  So thanks again to Nicole, who you can find at  My Mad World.  I've picked up some cool stickers for the tops, scissors for each of them and various construction paper to use for the cylinders!  Now here is another idea that my friend Annie, at Birds & Nature, gave me.  She suggested hiding their breakfast in/around the yard by placing their cereal in a bag, labeling with their name and then send them on a search.  Then I'm planning on doing a treasure hunt.  However, what they'll be hunting for are all the necessities to complete our projects so we'll do that one first.  Besides, that idea came from my son, so I'd had to put that one at the top of the list!
The girls and I always have fun regardless of what we do and they love spending time with Copper and Moon who are just so good with the kids.  They just lay there and let the girls brush and brush and brush them all day long!  Then of course, they play with Copper (he's the energetic one) all day until he's too pooped to budge!

I have done some "pre-scheduled posts" for the next few days...after all, it's time to be a kid again!

P.S.  Don't ever grow up...:)

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Tiggeriffic said...

Oh it's so exciting when one's grandchildren come for a visit.. I picked up Emily on Monday and we have been very busy.. We went to town right away and bought a few shorts and school shoes. Then we went to Hancock sewing center and bought a pattern and material so I could teach her a little about sewing.. She helped me make some flannel elastic around the waist pants to sleep in and wear around the house. She loved doing that~! Today we are going to make dill pickles and salsa.. We have to go to the store this morning and then we can get busy.. This afternoon we'll be pickin up Ben and going swimming..
Sounds like you have lots of things planned for you and your grandchildren.. I made cement stepping stones one time with these kids.. That was a lot of fun.~! In the evening you can take them outside and show them venus, the planet.. It's in the western part of the sky and it's very very bright.. one can't miss seeing it. Have fun~! and we never grow old as long as we are laughing we grow old when we stop laughing.
Have a great week-end.. Ta Ta For Now~! Anne


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