Monday, August 2, 2010

Nature: Sharing is Good

Since moving here, there has been an abundance of wildlife coming and going daily.  I have watched fawns grow to become beautiful, graceful does, and button bucks mature to become as handsome and stately as this young buck.  We decided when we moved in to continue to share our land
  with the abundant wildlife. 
I have seen a coyote chase a fawn right through the hillside shown here but thank goodness, my dogs and I distracted him long enough for the fawn to escape!  I have seen a huge Blue Heron swoop down from the sky on more than one occasion to feed on the crayfish in our creeks.  I have seen hawks hunting, owls looking for prey, a flock of turkeys combing the hillside for grasshoppers.

Somehow here in these surroundings, I feel connected to the earth and sky.  Have you ever felt the strength of a tree?  A tree takes it's time with life.  It's content to grow being nourished by the earth and sun.   Yes, sharing is a good thing.

1 comment:

varunner said...

I've seen a wolf when I was running in our back pasture. No one believes me though.


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