Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Motion Sickness Wrist Bands

Now I know that you may be wondering why in heaven's name I am writing a post about motion sickness, but, trust me, it is for a good reason.  One of my followers...Jen over at Heligirl...apparently has some issues with motion sickness.  So, after reading her post the other day, I promised her I would tell her my secret!  Because, after all, we are here to help each other out!

There are these absolutely great wrist bands that work on the premise of a pressure point located between the two tendons that run between your wrist and your elbow.  The band or bracelet is strategically placed and it has a little plastic "thingy" that is inside the band.  When you put them around your wrist, the plastic "thingy" has to be positioned on a pressure point between those two tendons in your arm...don't worry the web site (or if you find them in either CVS or Walgreens, they come with instructions) tells you how to measure, then place them so they're in the right position!  

So, Jen, you little Luv Muffin, all I can say, is you'll have to trust me on this one...they really do work!  Even my husband couldn't believe it.  I am THE queeziest of people on planes, and or riding in a back seat of a car...honest!!!  For my entire 25 years at the bank, whenever we'd
 go out of town and ride share, I'd always HAVE TO HAVE THE FRONT SEAT...otherwise it was "barfarama" time.  Unfortunately, I did not discover these magic bands until after I retired.  But, look at it this way...better late than never!
You may want to check out one of these sites if you can't find them at the drugstore.  Also, if you have an airport nearby, they usually have them.

...:) JP

P.S.  Carry them with you all the time...because you never know when or where your adventures will take you!


varunner said...

They work for morning sickness too!

Tiggeriffic said...

my daughter lives in Michigan right next to the Musgegon River. Her and her husband bought a ponto (pond two) how do you spell that it's a boat. After a month they sold it because it made her sick to ride on it on the water.. I'll tell her your idea about the bracelet,,maybe that will help.


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