Friday, August 27, 2010

Memory Lane: A Goof at Work

I wasn't quite sure if this was supposed to be about an error that I made a work or when I acted like a "goof".  I chose the latter.

So, here I was, a recently hired teller being trained by a great gal named Teri.  She knew everything and I followed her around like a little puppy to learn the ropes.  We became good friends and our teller stations were even located next to each other on the teller line.   

At the time this happened, our supervisor was Regina...she was a tough cookie...expected and demanded the best at all times...a real stickler for customer service and performance.  Got the picture?

Now let me say that I have always been an adventurous sort, with a good sense of humor and can be, I'll admit,  a little "frisky" at times.  So, one day it was really slow at the branch and since there were no customers in the lobby, I decided that I was going to have a sword fight using the letter openers we had at our stations.  I raised my sword toward Teri yet, it couldn't be seen from the lobby becasue I was smart enough to be below the teller counter.  Now Teri, on the other hand, came at me with a vengance...brandishing her weapon held high above her shoulder...above the teller line counter!  Dummy!!!! 

I'm sure you've guessed the rest.  Yep...Regina saw Teri coming toward me.  Teri then saw Regina.  She placed her sword down on the counter.  Regina approached her and said sternly, "I'll see you in my office after work, young lady." 

Me?  I got look, no reprimand...nothing because she had never seen my letter opener.  All day as Teri and I worked next to each other, I kept apologizing. ands, ifs or buts, I knew that I had to go along with her to Regina's office to explain what really had happened.  We balanced, put our cash away in the vault and headed to Regina's office.  Teri went in first and I followed.  When I told Regina that I had instigated the sword fight, she seemed surprised yet relieved.  She loved both of us as we were her two shining stars so to speak.  Neither one of us got in trouble just a, "let's have no sword play in the branch."

What I learned from acting like a "goof at work" was that "if you're going to be dumb, you've got to be tough."


varunner said...

You could also say that if you're going to be dumb, you've got to be sneaky about it ;-) Glad you didn't get in worse trouble!

Nicole said...

lol! Glad you didn't get into a lot of trouble over it. Also good that you were nice enough to go in with her and bit the bullet! lol That shows what kind of person you are too!

forestwalk/laura k said...

ha! good story...funny...and it's good to hear, cause it seems nowadays most places/businesses have gotten too 'politically correct' just can't have some good ol' fun anymore! ha!!

by the way, your blog is very cool. i love the look and feel of it... :]laura


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