Friday, August 6, 2010

Memory Lane Fridays: It Was My Friend's Idea

While I lived in Connecticut, my best girl friend was, at that time, working for the local power company.  Each and every Saturday, we would walk our German Short Haired Pointers 10 miles on the local trail that connected several towns together.  One day while doing our walk (although my friend referred to them as a "forced march"), she mentioned something to me about doing some volunteer work the following weekend.  "Sure", I said, "it'll be fun...count me in."   So, I was to meet her early Saturday morning so we could drive to the Northeast corner of the state...about an hour's drive for us.  We were volunteering for something they called  "Christmas In April."  Perhaps you've heard of it.  What it involved was that all the volunteers were  going to work helping someone who was less fortunate...someone who did not have the means themselves to spruce up their yard and home.    

I wish I could tell you how hard we worked that day.  We all cleaned up her yard, raking and hauling the leaves and debris to a huge truck that had volunteered their services as well.  We tore out overgrown shrubs and planted new ones in their place donated by a local nursery.  In fact, all of the supplies we used that day were supplied on a volunteer or donation basis.  Lunch time came and the local Subway had donated a bunch of subs for us to eat along with chips and soft drinks.  We sat right on the grass and enjoyed not only our break from working but also our lunch.   The yard was looking pretty darn spiffy and then one of the fellas yelled out something about painting the house.  A local hardware store had donated all the brushes, paint and some local painting contractors were volunteering their men and time to get the job done.  I remember someone asking Bette and I to get on the ladder so we could pitch in and help them.  However, I will tell you, volunteer or not, I don't do ladders...not tall ones anyway!  So Bette and I convinced them we would be better off if we worked on the ground level, painting trim around windows and lattice around the porch.  

I can't tell you how many volunteers there were in total, but we worked  on this house until it was done.  Late in the afternoon, when the last of the painters finished taking down their ladders and cleaning up, we bid farewell to our co-workers, packed up our things and headed for home.

  Driving home, I had a good feeling.  We both had a good feeling...a feeling that sharing and caring go hand in hand...a feeling I've never forgotten or nor lost site of.  I couldn't help but wonder how grateful the owner would be to see it now that it was that the locals, a team of volunteers, arranged to have Christmas come in April!

And to think, it's was all my friend's idea!
To her, I dedicate this post...:)


varunner said...

How awesome! What a difference you must have made :-)

Sonya Heilmann said...

That's an awesome story!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories! That day was special because of you!


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