Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life in the Sticks

A tree came down across the road.  This happened a while back, but I just had to do a post on it.  So, here it was one lazy afternoon when I was sitting on the stoop of the shed, just relaxin'.  Moon and Copper were lying in the grass guarding the place, as usual.  Suddenly, we heard a crack then a huge "crash".  It's actually not uncommon to hear a tree fall in the forest...did you know that?  Well, anyway, when I looked up, I saw that a tree had fallen  blocking the road and as you can see, the road is narrow enough without this thing blocking it.  So, I went in to tell Joe and he said, "well, it's not my job to cut it and move it."  So, we called VDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation)...well actually, down here, you first call 911 which rings onto the Sheriff's office, then they call VDOT.  (That in itself is "life in the sticks"!)  It probably gives them something to do, if you know what I mean.

So a short while later, up comes a pick-up truck with two burly looking men in it.  They pull up to the tree, get out and go around to get their chain saws from the back of the truck.  Now meanwhile, one of our neighbors who was coming down the mountain, stopped and decided to come into our yard for a "brewski".  So, he, Joe and I are standing outside watching the two fellas using their saws as they cut away the branches.  Then they started on the limbs, tossing them aside as if they were twigs.  Last, the trunk.

When they were done, they loaded their saws in the back of the truck and got into the cab.  The driver began to back down the hill and when he did, his right rear tire went off the edge of the road and the truck got hung up over the culvert that goes across our driveway.  My neighbor said, "unless he's got four-wheel drive, he's not getting out of there."  That's when I decided to run into the house and grab the camera...it was just too darn funny to see these "manly", burly looking dudes standing there scratching their heads as they looked at the rear end of the truck hanging in mid air!

Now, here comes the best...Joe is a "manly" character himself (if you know what I mean), so what does he do?  He starts up his Dodge diesel and is going to go save the day!  First he tried to get up around them so he could pull them out using their front bumper.  But that didn't quite workout because his tires were spinning since he had to climb the hillside on the other side of their truck because the road is so narrow.  He was able to back on down...thank goodness.  He then told them that he thought he could pull them out using their rear bumper and that once he got their tire onto "ground", they should be OK.

The whole ordeal was so funny but I guess that's what life is the sticks is all about!

P.S.  To my FB friends, this may be a repeat...I apologize...I still LOL when I look at these pix!...YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


LambAround said...

Oh my! I just don't think I could handle life in a small town! :p

Felix said...

Like they say, life sticks and then you die.


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