Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Although it may be a little blurry, if you look carefully, you will count six hummingbirds at this one feeder.  I actually took this picture looking through my mudroom window where the side garden bed is located.  The "hummers" arrive here in Virginia early and stay right up until we get a chill in the air.
  Of course, you do know that initially one or two of the little guys show up early.  I, like many others, am convinced they are the "scouts".  Now I haven't yet figured out how the "scouts" let the rest of the crew know that they've found a nice, safe, flower rich Home in the Hollow that provides honest to goodness sugar water in several feeders that have been strategically placed throughout the yard.
  I do cater to them, I'll admit...because they are just so darn cute and fun to watch with their high flying  escapades!  Between their aerial acrobatic prowess and their aggressively territorial high pitched squeak,  they chase intruders away from the feeder they've claimed.  You just can't turn these little guys away!  First thing in the morning, every morning, about 45 minutes before daybreak...just like clockwork...as my coffee is brewing, I walk over to the mudroom window.  I look out, spot these guys and a smile is on my face!  Hope they made you smile, too...:)

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varunner said...

They are so hard to capture on film! They're really into my lavendar lately (like, the only thing I got to grow)


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