Monday, August 2, 2010

Holy Critters!

The other morning when I was outside walking around the house to see "what's new", I heard something rustle near the window well.  Very carefully, I approached because I did not want to be surprised.  I peered over the recessed hole and saw the most adorable thing!  In among the weeds that had grown inside I counted at least 12 toads, ranging in size from 1 inch to at least 2 inches!

So, now a few thoughts:
How do they get out of there?
What are they doing in there to begin with?
Do I need to save them?
  Are any of you "frog friendly" or "toad troopers"?  If so, I could use a bit of advice here, so just "jump" right in with the answers!


Tiggeriffic said...

I love toads,frogs... I have a toad in my basement that has lived there for years.. He eats bugs,spiders and anything else toads eat.. He started out very small and now is big.. If the toads that you have ~ have no way of getting out you might want to help them to get out into the yard.. They are great for eating bugs and ma toad/frog must of got in there and laid her eggs and ta da... you have multiple toad/frogs. That is tiggeriffic~!~!

Tiggeriffic said...

ORRRR another thought.. You might leave them there and they will eat the bugs/spiders that come to that area.. Just make sure they have water.. It could be your frog/toad farm... lol You could post every so often and let us know how they are dong...

Felix F Giordano said...

It appears that a mother toad (not to be confused with mother load) had some babies in your window well. Amphibians in your yard are a sign of a healthy environment so say the scientists. Have you named them yet?


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