Sunday, August 22, 2010

Help Me Followers!

This request is short and simple...but absolutely necessary!
Last week I did a post on Sunday, August 15 entitled You Tell Me.  Then over on my sidebar, I placed a vote thingy (because I finally learned how to make one!!!  YEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAA!!!), asking folks to choose between a camel, a dinosaur, a turtle or a relative.  Well, here's my dilemma, Followers.  As of this writing, there's a tie between the camel, the dinosaur and the relative.  So, with that being said, if you haven't voted, please go over to my sidebar and cast YOUR vote.  I'm dying to find out what the outcome will be.  To tell your the truth, I feel sorry for those who said it looked like a relative.  It must really be hard to keep a straight face when their around! One of my other readers told me it looked like a scab he once had on his knee!!!  I'm still LOLing over that one!


Heligirl said...

Well, my first thought was pig, but I voted for turtle. :0) I had some reading to do to catch up. You've been busy girl. I'm loving all the great photos in your blog these days!!

Felix said...

It looks like something you might see a rabbit with a watch and jacket climb into but don't follow the scurrying rabbit if you want to keep your head (if you know what I mean).


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