Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Growing Place

Now that I think about it, another name for my blog could have been "The Growing Place", because everything grows here in the Hollow. In fact, this fall I am digging up a bunch of my stuff and giving it to one of neighbors. I have so much to share and he is such a great guy and only lives down the road.  He had stopped here a while back and while we were talking, he was telling me that he'd ripped all all the shrubs along his driveway and wanted to guessed it...FLOWERS!  Well, you know I was all over that one in a heartbeat!  Another good home to share the wealth with...:)
Even my houseplants produce like crazy!  My Spider plants have tons of babies.  Then I root them in water and then pot them in potting soil.  Then those pots have babies and the cycle begins all over again.   The same thing holds true for my Christmas Cactus and Hindu Rope plant...just keep dividing. 

Take this Asparagus Fern on the front porch.  Every year in the spring when it's warm enough to place them outside, I take them out of the garage where they've spent the winter and simply take the entire plant out of the pot.  Then, showing no mercy, I cut through the totally root bound mass and make up three or four pots in nice fresh potting soil, placing the division right smack in the middle of the pot.  They grow like crazy must be the humidity and love they get!   In fact, some of the ones that have grown over the summer will be donated this fall and have a new home in which to grow!   Then I've also promised some of my perennials to my hairdresser's mom.  She LOVES to garden and she and I are doing an exchange.  She has some really unique plants and I can't wait to get my hands on those!!  

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Felix said...

Do you think that if I joined a local garden club I could share my spider plant babies with them too? I also have a pot of two pussy willow bushes that I rooted and want to give to you.


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