Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do You Know Your Wildflowers?

Recently, a friend of mine, recommended a book to me.  As you can see, it is entitled Newcomb's Wildflower Guide, written by Lawrence Newcomb.  

I would strongly urge you to get a copy as it is the most awesome book for identifying wildflowers that I have ever come across.  When Marshall recommended it to me, he said, "JP, it's so easy that even a moron could use it."  So, I ordered it via Amazon and took delivery a few days later.  I was excited because, after all,now I would be able to identify all those wild flowers that are in the woods up in back of the barn.  In the spring, I have the most beautiful red flowers growing in the densest part of the woods!  Plus, I'm trying to plant Virginia native plants on our property because some have become a rarity.

Anyway, back to the book.  As I began to attempt the identification process, I also began to seriously doubt the intelligence that I thought I had been blessed with.  Yikes!  I was a moron!  I could not, for the life of my figure out the logistics that were supposed to be so simple in using this guide.

 So, tail between my legs, the next time I saw Marshall at the Y, I approached him reluctantly.  "I got the book yesterday", I said.  He smiled and when he looked into my eyes, I guess he saw the pain and anguish...perhaps the moronic side of me, I don't know.  He asked, "what's the matter?"  I responded, "I can't figure it out."  He laughed, then said, "did you read the directions?"  "For crying out loud, " I said, "it's a BOOK not a thing with moving parts."  

He laughed and once again, gave me a sympathetic look and suggested I go home and read the explains how to use the guide!  So, when I got home, I picked up the "book".  Sure enough...the introduction is twenty two pages long (if I remember my Roman numerals correctly) and very helpful.  Now that I have the intro under my belt, the rest of the book makes perfect sense and with it's steps, helps you identify all kinds of plants.


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Tiggeriffic said...

You sound like my sister, She never reads directions and then calls me and asks me about what she is trying to do.. I help her out in doing whatever she is wanting and off she goes.. It's really funny..
I have this book and it's really a great book. And yes, you have to read the introduction on how to use it, so you can identify the flowers.. It's really cool and small enough to carry in your pack back ...Have a great time and write in the book when and where you found that flower. It well be interesting later when you look at your book how many you have indentified.
I do this with my bird book. Have a great day..Ta Ta For Now..

Heligirl said...

Ha, ha, ha! I love it. I'm always skipping the intro to books and every so once in a while I regret it. I loved this story. I hope you're enjoying the flowers even more now. I love my wildflower bed.


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